Thursday, 29 October 2009

Embracing the Autumn

A new background to help me deal with the fact that, yes, it is the Autumn, the trees are going to sleep and it is dark and miserable. I think I need to move south of the Equator for these next few months - summer is over; I'm a big girl I have to face it. Autumn is here.

This conker feel from a tree recently and almost killed me (evil nut). Very beautiful but so violent - why?


  1. It was being radio-controlled by the CIA.

    Love the new background.

    I hope you enjoy autumn soon - it can be pretty fleeting, have fun kicking some leaves around, watch a bonfire, make chocolate brownies for Hallowe'en.

  2. The CIA but I thought I'd lost them, darn it! Thanks for the heads up!
    Thanks for liking the new background. I have kicked leaves (love that), watched many a wood stove fire (mismerising), but the brownies, now THAT is a fabulous idea xxx

  3. We have evil nuts here too - putting the rubbish out is a fine art, run the guantlet at your peril.
    Great Autumn theme!

  4. Hi Carrie
    I like the new seasonal look, so glad you chose white for the background, I hate black or dark backgrounds, depressing and too hard to read. It's good you kept your lucky horseshoe header, I love it. Have a lovely Autumn. x

  5. I think that you might like this poem! Flighty xx

  6. Love your new background, when did you change it? It's fab!!! from your new blogging neighbour xx

  7. Very nice background! I almost used the same one but it didn't match with my Fall picture. I would love to live in the south where it's warm all the time. Actually I lived in Florida for a few years and loved it.... Moved back North for family.

  8. allotofveg - evil nuts, who would have thought it!! Is anyone safe??

    Maureen - yep, time for a change but I'd never get rid of my horse shoe even though it's in a different place and had to painted to stop it rusting away. I HAVE to have a white background, I find it so hard to read blogs otherwise.

    Flighty - thank you xx

    Selkie!!!! My new blogger girl. I changed the background only yesterday.

    Ellie Mae's Cottage - thank you for both your comments x It was because of you I started using the backgrounds, we have great taste! I can't believe you lived with year long blue skies and the sun on your face, then gave it up!!! Ah well, family is important I suppose.

    Hugs to you all, thanks for dropping by.


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