Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The Duality of Autumn

It has been bloody pouring all day, the wind is up, the house has had to have the heating on, I'm wrapped in my comfort blanket and Maggie has so far refused to go out and pee (she hates bad weather). I'm going to grab her when she least expects it and throw her out! It's also dark and thus headachey, can you tell I'm not exactly chuffed with the day we're having?
Autumn. It's the season when everything dies (bit dramatic there I know, my Cyclamen are gorgeous, parsnips fat and still growing) and there is rain and muck and greyness and dark mornings and running to the car from the front door yet still getting wet; don't even mention frizzy hair! It's the season were I just want to pack up my kit and go hide out somewhere. Maybe I could be a writer or painter (photography isn't great in weather like this) and just immerse myself in my 'work' for a few months with a huge 'DO NOT DISTURB' sign on my door. My pieces would be dark, brooding and full of depth, hidden meanings and wisdom beyond my years. I would eat only chocolate biscuits and drink copious amount of (decaff) coffee, peppermint tea and the reddest of wines.

But no. I sit here in the full knowledge that I have to go out soon and face the weather-y music. We're house hunting and time waits for no wo/man at this hour. The lottie needs tended to this weekend even if it is blowing a gale and raining so hard I can't see out my glasses. Then of course there will be the usual chit chat about Christmas being just around the corner and NO I bloody well don't have my shopping done, for goodness sake.
Deep breath.
Then there is another side of Autumn that I LOVE!! The colours is an obvious thing, the leaves (dry leaves) on the ground just waiting, wanting to be kicked. The boxes of bulbs arriving on the door step, the hard work digging manure into the beds (mainly to keep you from freezing, or crying, or both), the earlier nights and cuddles on the sofa and the blue sky, that amazing azure blue that you only get on a crisp bright Autumn day with the whitest of clouds floating by.

It's also the time when you get to buy jumpers and cardigans and heavier coats and people can't see that little (or maybe not so little) belly you have and swore you'd walk off but didn't.

There's Tree Week and the possibility of sitting with friends around a wood stove outside and playing with sparklers (I like to write my name with them), maybe even apple dunking and the big fireworks displays that are put on. The scary drives into the countryside or the organised trips to old graveyards, hospitals, prisons at the witching hour! Ohhhh.

Yep, Autumn = duality of emotions. Right now though I'm firmly in the 'right Maggie, you are going out to pee' mood, which will be followed by the 'do I want to sign my life away and buy this person's house' mood - eeek! That last one is scarier than any horror movie, BIG decisions - I'd rather do some weeding, in the rain.


  1. Hi Carrie,

    Hooray! Good to see you blogging again. Does this mean that Amazon came up trumps, despite the dreaded postal strikes, or are you still relying on Mama G's lead?

    I know what you mean about the weather. It's atrocious! I can't get warm and heating as been on full blast. And still my feet are cold!

    But oh, as you say, the wonderful colours and the sounds of autumn too. I love that 'cr-runch' that crispy red and tan leaves make as you step on or rake through them. Ahhhh...

    I hope the lottie tending to is a fruitful experience tonight, with some goodly veg appearing on your menu. I'm jealous of your parsnips! I remember you had a great crop last year. I'll be visiting my lottie tomorrow to sow some winter lettuce seeds and check on last week's seedling planting.

    Masses of good luck wishes on your house hunting forays. I hope you both find the abode and garden of your dreams.

    Here's to feeling cosy again! Take care,

    Jane xxx

  2. Oh house buying the second most stressful thing anyone can do. Take care and try not to let it upset your mood.

  3. Amazon came through for me! I'm using my very own shiny new cable, hoorah!
    Oh it is stressful, we just that definate "yes, we'll take it" from the people who are interested and then we'd feel so much better!!!

  4. This post really highlights the ups and downs of this time of year, and I'll be mentioning it in my post tomorrow!
    Take care, Flighty! xx

    PS I couldn't comment with my 'Flighty's plot' Wordpress blog!

  5. *giggles* oh dear Carrie, you have made me chuckle. I do like the fact that you have tried so very hard to even out those scales! With every negative aspect you have a plethora of positives!
    Maggie! Go pee! ;o)
    House hunting! I feel for you.


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