Monday, 5 October 2009

Just a thought.

I've just been thinking (and the answer is 'yes' to all you sarcastic people out there, my head does hurt now). I've just been thinking about the allotment as a whole, all the things we do down there and, when we aren't there, the time we spend thinking about all the things we have to do.

For instance this Sunday alone we:
Improved the nutrients our plants and soil have available to them ~ the best we can provide.
We protected some from harm with netting and the use of the cold frame.
Cut out dead wood and checked for problems that may be just starting.
Picked off parasites and weeded around our darlings, we don't want them to struggle in life.
Checked supports were in place and sturdy.
Appreciated them, whatever they looked like, weather they were flourishing, dying back, going to sleep or just plain had it.

I wonder, why don't we do the same for ourselves? Compared to our plants we are neglected, tired, run down, bolting, maybe succumbing to the cold, not eating well and not giving time and energy to our own well being.

Do you ever take a moment to appreciate who you are? I don't, but I'll photograph the life out of a single (dying) raspberry leaf like it's the most wonderful thing in the world. Maybe this season should be about us. Maybe we too need to hibernate, get mulched and have some more support to just live an easier life, maybe it's about time we appreciated ourselves and just. slowed. down.

Just a thought.


  1. Huh.. things we have to do to plants, at times flowing with love, caring and admiring.... at times ripping them apart and pruning.... at times pulling out the weak ones, allowing the healthy ones to grow..... I wish to hibernate too, waking up one day, 10 years younger!!! ... haha. ~bangchik

  2. Carrie

    You are so right especially when suffering chronic illness. I bet your problems are refected by how your immune system is coping and whether you are under stress.

  3. You are so very right. As much as I hate winter I look forward to it so I can hibernate myself.

  4. Absolutely Carrie - it's time we all were a little more selfish - in the nicest possible way of course :)

  5. Carrie girl I am sorry I have fallen behind in reading here ! This is such a pretty format for your blog now, so bright and cheery ! Perfect : ) and the new pictures .. Maggie and Andrew ! I am still giggling here .. wonderful!
    I owe you an e-mail because John and I got such a kick out of your card coming from Belfast .. it is the closest these O'Connors have come to the Emerald Isle ? So thank you VERY much for sending it .. too cute as a little witch (that is me,inside this old decrepit shell ? haha) .. You are so right about this all .. I am trying hard to take better care of myself but life keeps getting in the way ? haha
    Perfect post girl ! Thank you !!
    Joy : )


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