Friday, 2 October 2009

Happier news

On a lighter note, Andrew, Maggie and I are getting our photograph taken today with Mrs Hardy of Sunnybank Nurseries. This is to mark the occasion of our being the Best Kept Allotment 2009. Horrah for us.


  1. Congratulations for such passion and enthusiasm Carrie, Andrew and Maggie.. If a man looks up at his compost heap, the rest just become so easy... haha.

    Well done!!


  2. Well done that is quite some achievement.

  3. Hurray indeed - fame at last!

    Didn't I see somewhere Eden Allotments got a community award recently as well?

  4. Hip Hip Hooray!!! Can be heard all the way from Africa!

  5. Congratulations Carrie (and Andrew and Maggie)! Such a well deserved award. You are a complete inspiration. Enjoy your photo shoot and continued success on your plot. Jane x

  6. Thank you xx It does feel good to have our passion and hardwork recognised. I'm a bit embarassed about the whole photo in the paper bit though, hehe.

    Yes VP, the Counservation Volunteers' plot 2 up from ours won the Green Heroes Award last month (well deserved to!), glad you remembered that. Hoorahs all round.


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