Thursday, 10 May 2018

Hadrian's Wall Path (Part 1)

little by little snail - C. Gault 2018

I still can't get my head round it; this time last week Andrew and I were walking into Newcastle upon Tyne in the baking hot sunshine, finishing our epic hike along Hadrian's Wall Path. 

But, slowly going through the multitude of photographs I took each day, it is starting to seem like the evidence is there...we did it! 

We did it our way too...neither of us believing in the idea that you must do every little bit (even when it is on dangerous roads or through swamps) as quickly as possible in order to deserve the accolade of being a real hiker and earning our badge. The glorification of hardship and suffering is just not healthy!

Heck it was hard enough as it was..and one's health problems don't stay at home when on holiday; you can't leave them at security either.

Here are the first two hiking days via some of my favourite photographs 😊

Day 1  Bowness on Solway > Carlisle

Bowness on Solway, Hadrian's Wall Path Start/Finish Arch - C. Gault 2018

Our first day's hike from Bowness on Solway to Drumburgh - C. Gault 2018

Carlisle's stunning city gates - C. Gault 2018

Day 2  Carlisle > Newtown

Gorgeous day, Carlisle town hall - C. Gault 2018

Hiking from Carlisle to Newtown - C. Gault 2018

Beautiful covered pathway to Newtown - C. Gault 2018

Hope you like the look of our adventure so far. I'm trying not to overwhelm you with photos or we'd all be here all day, haha. Oh Gosh, I took so many.

Love and hugs, see you soon.
Have a great weekend
C xxx


  1. Wow. So beautiful. So jealous of your adventure!

  2. what an adventure! and with excellent weather - now that can't be bad, looking forward to seeing more images of a walk I'd like to do some time x

  3. that enfolding green path looks like a tree hug, an affectionate hug FROM the trees.

  4. Lovely post and pictures. Good to see that you enjoyed yourselves and had nice weather.
    Thanks, and you too. xx

  5. Such an amazing experience! A memory with ever step! Great photos! Vx

  6. Lovely journey - I haven't been to Hadrian's Wall for decades.
    And Diana is right, that avenue of trees is like a big hug - and it looks like one of those old "sunken" ways they used to have.
    All the best :)


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