Friday, 20 April 2018

Buds and Spuds

Hello my lovelies, hope you are all well and have a nice weekend planned --- Hurrah for Fridays!

Beech tree buds unravelling - Carrie Gault -

Today is actually a quite nice and bright day here, so I went outside with Toby and looked about the back garden. I LOVE it when the Beech buds open up, they are so beautiful, definitely one of my most favourite trees. Then I was surprised to find the Acer I had been worried about is looking heavenly = two sights that have put a smile on my face 😀

Acer coming into full leaf - Carrie Gault -

I checked in on the seedlings Andrew planted up a while back and the Sugar Snaps are now too far ahead, oh this weather is so changeable! It's sad to compost new life but we will simply have to plant more seeds direct when we get back from our walking holiday. The leeks and spring onions seem to be in a good position though which is nice. I think most things are simply going to be later this year.

A few seedlings -Carrie Gault -

But let me tell you about last weekend. We finally planted our beautiful Sharps' Express potatoes spuds); after my accident I guess I forgot all about it. This year we are yet again doing them in large tubs as it's just so darned easy to tend to and takes up much less space. Plus the harvesting has proven itself to be so simple and cleaner. Fingers crossed for a good batch again.

growing spuds in tubs - Carrie Gault -

Lastly, after the silliest and most cliched of allotment related injures to myself last Saturday... I stood (twice, for good measure) on a rusty nail that was poking up from a rotten plank. *Blush*  I am glad to report I have healed up pretty well. The hiking holiday is still on 👍

Antrim Area A&E - Carrie Gault -

Hugs and love
Carrie x


  1. Nice post and pictures. Fingers crossed for the potatoes. I'm glad to read that your foot is okay.
    Enjoy the weekend. Take care, and hugs. xx

    1. You always put a wee smile on my face. Thank you. I hope your weather isn't too bad and you have a nice weekend too xx

  2. Glad that you are healing. Why not use the pea seedlings as peabshoots for stir fries or salads?

  3. Thank you x
    What a clever idea, I often think of using seedlings for that. They really pack a tasty punch 😁

  4. Carrie sweetie congratulations on the allotment birthday ! well done !!
    So sorry about the rusty nail episode .. glad you are OK .. watch out for things like that now girl!
    What a gorgeous picture of that acer .. ours will take quite a bit of time to bud out .. we are over a month behind where we should be here in the great white north .. but it is improving and so am I !

  5. I can imagine those pea sprouts would be delicious in salad too. Enjoy the hiking holiday safely away from rusty nail hazards!


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