Wednesday 11 April 2018

Actions and Consequences

At what point does challenging yourself turn into a destructive act?

It's been a while since I could even venture near this blog; a good while since I could write or even think a sentence of coherent words that might try to explain what's been happening with me. For some weeks now I have been a wreck, physically and sadly, mentally too. I have done a few good long weekend walks (in the freezing cold) but the effort has l taken it's toll and my week days have been a muddle of sleep and trying to stay sane.

Without giving my private issues air, things are really not good and I have had to visit my GP, my mental health team and get blood tests done. New medications have been added to my regimen and I could basically open a chemists shop!

Don't get me wrong - the walks have been good, I have managed them well and visited some beautiful places off the beaten track that have been glorious. However, with the Hadrian's Wall Challenge coming up we have decided to augment our route and make it a more rounded experience - less of the boring bits of the trail (by the highways etc) and more lingering in beautiful historic villages and the many museums along the way.

To keep you up to date here are the practise walks we have been doing every weekend. They've all been between 10 - 12 miles and in very sort of weather, bar warm and pleasant, haha.

1. The extended version of the Dungonnell Way which we did in -2 degrees with a wind chill of - 8 = is wasn't very pleasant! I took one photo, just one.
Toby in the hailstones - Carrie Gault -

2. Section 2 of the Moyle Way which is in the middle of nowhere; we couldn't even hire a taxi to take us up there. Pure BOG = one very mucky pup!
Moyle Way 1- Carrie Gault -

Moyle Way 2 - Carrie Gault -

3. The much more civilised North Down Coastal Path with toilets and cafes and towns. An easy walk but hard on the feet.

Groomsport - Carrie Gault -

Towards Bangor - Carrie Gault -

Bangor to Holywood - Carrie Gault -

And 4. A section of the Causeway Coastal Path from Ballintoy to the Giant's Causeway which included some bouldering action that was fun.

Arch at Portbradden - Carrie Gault -

In all cases I would recommend my Hubby's Instagram account to be fair, he was much more into the 'memory capturing' than I was -

Lots of Love
Carrie x


  1. Love you ...great photos ...<3

  2. Carrie - how lovely to see the you are enjoying your walking / hiking in your beautiful country - I am SO envious. I was born in Derry to my young English parents whilst my dad served in the Navy. I have never been back but long to do so. One day soon I hope. I have looked at your hubby's Instagram and it all looks SO beautiful. I am sorry that you're feeling rough on other days.....with my allotment under 6 inches of flood water I am feeling pretty despondent myself. I long for warm sunny days and green shoots and the energy to move freely, dig and prepare the soil. But you know Carrie.... those days WILL come, and soon. Keep on keeping on. One day at a time. Virtual hugs x

  3. In answer to your question I would say when you don't enjoy it, and clearly the toll it's taken hasn't done you any good either. Perhaps you really need to have a serious think about what you're doing.
    Take care. xx

  4. I don’t think that the prolonged miserabke weather does anything to raise spirits.

  5. Hope your chemist shop will be as helpful as it is to my husband (rheumatoid arthritis etc)

    I do admire hiking in unkind weather. Watching the forecast for mine on Wednesday - will it really - rain gently all day???


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