Thursday, 15 February 2018

Ulster Weavers and the Eden Project

Ulster Weavers has been a well known quality brand name here in N. Ireland for over 100 years. Still a family run business, they create beautiful linen and textiles for the home. They even have the Queen as a customer; she gave them the royal charter in 1995, so it's pretty darn respected.

Recently, Eden Project (I so want to go and visit!) and Ulster Weavers got together to create a new range of quality, sustainable kitchenware, bringing colour and wildlife into the home

'The range has been inspired by the wildlife in the Eden Project biomes, has been manufactured using unbleached cotton. All labels and packaging are printed on FSC card and printed using vegetable inks.'

Ulster Weavers (Eden Project collection) tote bag - Carrie Gault 2018

Their collaboration just launched this month and as a proud N. Irish girl I was very pleased to be asked if I would like to review it. The range comes in cheery pink or turquoise and I am honestly really impressed. The designs are beautiful and my turquoise bag is made of thick cotton and lined inside, has a magnetic button closing, an internal zip and a strong re-enforced box bottom to carry the load - oh and it's cute, oh so cute. It also came in a slinky presentation gauze bag - what a beautiful touch. 

Ulster Weavers (Eden Project collection) tote bag 2 - Carrie Gault 2018

Ulster Weavers (Eden Project collection) TEA TOWEL
Ulster Weavers (Eden Project collection) OVEN MITTS

The prices are reasonable, ranging from £8.50 for a tea towel to £16.50 for a long length apron. 

This gives you a great excuse, if you needed one, to update your kitchen in preparation for SPRING or maybe to give as a Mothers' Day gift.

You can see the whole range here:

Ulster Weavers (Eden Project collection) tote bag and Toby - Carrie Gault 2018
Toby appreciates a good sturdy re-enforced bag bottom :)

I'm hoping to take picnics to our allotment in my bag and bring home bounteous and perfect organic produce home from the plot :) 


  1. A good review and nice pictures. If you ever do go to the Eden Project also visit the Lost Gardens of Heligan which has to be one of best gardens I've been to. xx

    1. Yes! You have to see both. And if you go there's a fascinating book about the start of restoration of Heligan. Both Eden and Heligan were AmAzing

    2. Mikia! You too, darn it! Has everyone seen these places but us? oh and a book about the restoration sounds fabulous - thanks for the tip xx

    3. Yeah. It's "The Lost Gardens of Heligan" by Tim Smith. I even read it again just before we went there.

  2. Thank you! Oh my, if we ever do get to go to Eden Project we would definitely have to see the Lost Gardens of Heligan. In fact I don't if I could miss out on that, I'd hate myself for travelling so far and not doing both. Oh you are lucky to have been xx

  3. what Flighty said - enjoyed every moment at both places.

    (Is the bird a bee-eater?)

    1. Oh, I'm getting jealous! And yes, (get that lady a glass of bubbles!) it is a bee eater xx

  4. We are still trying to jump in with both feet with fabric bags here and wow .. if I had them I wouldn't have a problem jumping in because this is gorgeous ! .. so well made and so pretty !
    Well done you with this review sweetie ! even Toby snuck ? himself into the picture .. too cute !
    We were above freezing today .. all day !!! so there is hope ? haha
    Cute post girlie !
    Take care

    1. oh golly I have a good few now - Cath Kidston does lovely simple ones, but this Ulster Weavers one is truly gorgeous! Toby just needs to be involved in everything, it's cute most of the time but difficult when you want to, say, tie your shoelaces :)
      Hugs and love, hope you are doing ok xx

  5. I’m another visitor who enjoyed both the Eden Project and Heligan.

    1. This is getting ridiculous! I'm so jealous now. I think I shall just have to make it a priority to get to these places asap!


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