Friday, 9 February 2018

Slieve Guillion Forest Park (first visit)

As I sit here typing these very words I can feel Toby glaring at me from his bed; he's just had a bath. We went for a wee hike on Sunday and, well, he does love to pick the muckiest routes = he needed a bath. Ooh, he just looked away from me there and growled quietly, haha.

Andrew and I were caught deep in clinomania on Sunday and though we had meant to get up with the larks and go to Co. Armagh, but we, er, didn't. Such a cosy bed, such heavy eyelids....time passed swiftly and then, boom, it was 10am. Our gear all ready downstairs and our clothes laid out we shoved some breakfast down and out we went.

Only an hour or so away we came to our destination of Slieve Gullion Forest Park. The massive car park was full bar one space for us and on site there was a nice cafe = coffee! We decided that as the park closed at 5pm we couldn't do our desired hike but we could walk up to the mountain and check the terrain for the next time. I had my new camera so we took it easy and Andrew was very patient whilst I grabbed my shots and tried to get comfortable with its settings.

(Sorry, no photos of the fairy village or the giant's liar as it's bloomin' hard to get a shot when there are so many crazy excited kids around! The link above has great pics of that put of the park.)

Remember: click photos to enlarge 😊
Slieve Gullion Forest Park 1 - Carrie Gault 2018
Gorgeously clear and freezing cold little spring/ Andrew and Toby being careful with all the cars around /Cut down tree with moss and ivy

Slieve Gullion Forest Park 2 - Carrie Gault 2018
Tiny but bright lichen/  Rust and old wood with moss = joy/ Cute mass of pine cones

Slieve Gullion Forest Park 3 - Carrie Gault 2018
The view south over County Louth and Dundalk Bay in the distance /  Lonely pine cone

Above was written on Wednesday - it is now Friday morning so I reckon it's time to finish this, and put some photos in, hahaha.

Plus I have a date with Toby again as he needs a hair cut today, he has no idea at present and he is already in a bad mood with all the cars and my David Bowie music stopping him from snoozing. Lucky I have treats and cuddles to offer.

Hugs and love, have a great weekend!
Carrie xx


  1. Good to see that you enjoyed yourselves. It's too cold for a haircut!
    Thanks, and you too. xx

    1. Toby most certainly agreed with you on the haircut idea but it is so hard to give him a good brush that he gets mats in difficult places after muck hikes. I didn't cut him too short and he has a jumper and a fleecy coat for this weekend. xxx

  2. Maybe have a quiet word with Toby that if he avoids mucky parches he may avoid bath! It’s so frustrating trying to take photos when places are really busy. It’s even worse if you are trying for video! Do you like your new comer, I”m getting to,grips with a new one too.

    1. oh, he never listens Sue! Loving the new camera but so much to learn and I'm just not in a very clear mind space. Hugs to you xx

  3. We had a little rain this evening and Thomas has been out. Twice. To get sodden. He lurves dancing in the rain!

    1. oh poor Thomas, how miserable to pee pee in the rain (I have done it many times whilst hiking in the middle of nowhere!). I'm really glad to hear you have rain though - yay. xx

  4. Hello sweetie and wow ! those shots were excellent ! what is your new camera ? I am so curious to know!
    Toby will get over it all when placated with treats .. Sophie always forgives any improprieties ? that might pop up with a cat nip treat .. haha.
    It sounds like you had fun even though you had to drag yourselves out of that cozy nest .. now that takes chutzpah ! haha
    Take care !


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