Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Hope, Love and Computer gardening

Hello sweet reader; how are you? I fear don't ask enough or maybe ever and that has got to change. My wish is that you are all hopped up warm, maybe with a hot beverage and a loved one near by.

I am sitting here in my living room with my little dog and a decaff coffee (just in case you were wondering) and soaking wet hair - I just did the hardest thing - I just had a shower. When you have depression etc doing anything can literally be a battle and my mental health today is bad. And I mean BAD.


Look! - Daffodils are starting to emerge, to poke their brave little shoots up into the world and face the harsh realities of the cold and rain and snow. I think the snowdrops are doing the same but the deck of the tea house was slippy so I didn't risk it. ANYWAY - signs of hope are appearing, birds are singing ever so loudly and thoughts are turning away from the darkness and into the joys of planning, planting and pottering. Even with a blackness eating me up inside, I feel hope.


Last week Andrew and I celebrated 20 years of togetherness - something I never dared to hope for. He isn't fed up with little old me, he still loves me as I love him and both of us are looking forward to the next 20 years of adventures! (Light and dark by turn but always love.)

He made a book of photos from those last 20 years and it's adorable, I love it so much I can't describe it. We were meant to be Berlin but had to cancel as he was so ill with the cold but instead we had time in our pjs watching movies and napping; yes napping is one of our favourite things! And we stayed in Bullitt Belfast (a lovely hotel) and drank cocktails and had the best dinner ever and it was fab.

Shout out to Mamma G for looking after Toby!

It's still so very chilly and the weather is dreich and not looking up for the days ahead. So instead of being at the allotment (I wonder if I'll be able to find it - it's been so long, too long) we are looking at past photos, getting inspiration on Pinterest, thinking of what needs done, and even (I am embarrassed to say) playing Gardenscapes, hahaha. Gardenscapes is a silly game on Facebook where I am winning daft challenges to earn stars and then swap them for trades done to my huge garden - I'm on level 114 and it's looking fabulous, though no veg patch yet hahahaha.

Soon though we shall venture there to good old 24a with our garlic and our 'can do attitudes'. This my friend, is our 10th year as allotment holders and we plan to make it a good one :)

Love and Hugs


  1. Stay snug and warm, lock away the credit card, then browse seed catalogues...

  2. Haha! Thank you! Will do. I'm writing this from beneath my big cosy blanket as it is. It's so nice here and I can't reach my bag so the browsing without splurging continues ☺️

  3. I hope your new shoots of hope will soon start to push through the darkness.

    1. Thank you so much. It's been snowing since I posted so no going out to revel in them but yes I will push through! ❤️

  4. Nice post and pictures. It's sure been stay indoors weather recently but it'll soon get lighter and warmer, and we'll all feel happier.
    Take care, and keep warm. xx

    1. SO true Flighty. Once this cold snap passes it will feel much easier to face the allotment and the work can/will commence! Take care of yourself xxx

  5. Dearest Carrie what a lovely picture of you and Andrew AND congratulations for 20 years of togetherness you are both VERY special people.
    I too am in a challenging time when even a shower is as daunting as you say. It is very difficult but I am hanging on for all I am worth.
    I love seeing your wee bits of life from the daffs .. it will be a VERY long time before we see those here in FROZEN Canada .. but I can be patient : )
    Thank you for stopping by .. I am not sure how much I can post , like you we are never sure from day to day but we can always HOPE !
    Stay warm and secure, enjoy Toby and Andrew !
    Joy :-)

  6. oh how I love thee. Keep fighting, I'm right with you in spirit and would gladly give you all my energy but it's paltry; you know the score. Think of you always xxxxx

  7. Oh! Many congratulations on your first 20 years together! That’s a terrific photo. And congrats on your 10 years of plotting. Many good wishes for years and years and years to come.

  8. Congratulations on 20 years! (We are almost at double that)


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