Thursday, 25 January 2018

Beach treasure and hallucinations

It wasn't a 'good' mental health day but Andrew managed to get myself and Toby out the door for a mini adventure on Saturday and in the end I was glad :) We went for a drive along the famous Causeway Coastal Route, I really wanted Toby to experience Maggie's favourite beach in Cushendun. Plus we just love the drive, any wonder it's TripAdvisor's highlight for 2018.

On the way we stopped off at Glenarm Castle tearooms. It was the first time I'd been since the extension and the addition of other small businesses. It's a beautiful place to celebrate my leaving the house and I had cake for lunch 🙂. Our food was delicious and we even had a second coffee each (personally I needed it to keep me going, boy I have been constantly exhausted these past weeks).

cake and window - Carrie Gault

I picked the cafe table and instantly got out my new wee camera to have a play around. With views of the kitchen garden right next to me, how could I not? What an idyllic scene and what a lot of gorgeous mulch they had! Tractors were needed - so jealous. I wished we could go out and really have a good poke around but it's not open until St. Patrick's day.

the kitchen garden at Glenarm Castle - Carrie Gault

Onwards to Cushendun and the lovely beach there. I think this is one of my all time favourite wee villages and I love it's beach; we see so many lovely people, friendly dogs and even horses on it. The village also has a resident goat that is usually tied up by the bridge beside a monument erected to all the poor animals that had to be put down due to the foot and mouth disease in 2002. Plus it has a wonderful very old pub - Mary McBrides.

Toby loved the beach, just as I hoped and it was beautifully clean as always, besides the seaweed from the recent big weather. He ran about all over the place and was a very good boy, until the very end when we were walking back to the car, at this point he ran up to a lady and bashed into her leg head first. He is a little crazy sometimes, hahaha.

Cushendun beach and some sea glass - Carrie Gault

We did find some little pieces of sea-glass that we see as treasure, it's always been a fun pursuit. Andrew also found a mysterious plastic animal...a giraffe or maybe a seahorse. We took it home anyway.

On the way home we had chips in the car, all of us - Toby loves a good chip.

As for the hallucinations, well how about these during this week.... Sheep in the street and grazing on the neighbours grass and this, a bumblebee in the back garden! A bumblebee in January and he had pollen on his legs which I can only assume came from the little box hedge flowers.

sheep on the run/ bumblebee - Carrie Gault

We are determined to at least look at the allotment in the flesh this weekend, no matter the weather!

My love and hugs


  1. Nice post and pictures. Good to see you out and about enjoying yourselves.
    The sheep made me smile, and lucky you seeing a bumble bee this early.
    Have a good weekend. xx

  2. Flighty - my dearest Mike. Thank you so much for your comment; you are always so lovely, it truly makes my day. I know one is not supposed to write for the validation of others but I am afraid that every time I press publish I am exposing myself to the ridicule of others. You make me feel so positive, always xxx

  3. A lovely day out. I hope that the goat hasn’t too short a leash. We really need to manage a plot visit too. You are certainly not exposing yourself to ridicule.

    1. the goat wasn't there on Saturday past as it's still very cold and there was rain forecast. But when he is there he has a very long leash, shade, water and even a little high-vis vest. Everyone adores him. The whole village is taken care off by the National Trust and anyone who lives there is lovely. No fears for the goat.
      (Thank you x)

  4. Oh, how lovely does your “lunch” look!! Together with that view— idyllIc indeed. Your comment made me think of how many times I’ve not wanted to go somewhere and am so glad when I get there. Good for you for making the push. How sweet you are to think of Toby in sharing your favorite spot. I have a feeling it won’t be the last time!

    1. Cake for lunch is brilliant, especially when you know you are going to chasing your dog on a beach afterwards to work it off :) I think the thought of going out is often much worst than actually doing it. (Still, though I find myself crushed every time by the irrational thoughts)

      Oh we will be back with Toby a lot, he loved it so much and we always have.

  5. Oh, and I LOVE sea-glass! Wish we had those finds at our beaches.

    1. we have lots on our beaches, in white, light green and dark, blue and yucky beer bottle brown. I have a secret place that always provides ;) xx

    2. We pick up sea glass - but ours is not that beautiful tumbled milky colour!

    3. oohhh what colour is yours??

  6. Hi there sweetie ! .. what better way to have an adventure than having cake for lunch !!! I am ALL FOR THAT ! haha .. it sounds like it was a wonderful day for you and Andrew and Toby of course.
    Mary McBrides sounds like fun and beach glass .. I am so jealous ! beautiful !
    That poor bee .. I hope it survives ! .. a bee here would be an ice cube bee .. so many months yet before we will see anything like that here ... hope you are feeling better .. take care of yourself !
    Chat again
    Joy : )

    1. The Causeway Coast is amazing - I think I only really appreciated it once I started hiking it and seeing the mass influx of tourists that come here. It's like having our 12th century castle in town - you grow up so used to it.

      We don't usually see many bumblebees about this time of year but the box hedge is in flower so I guess there are some pollen lovers out there. He was feisty and raised an arm to fight off Toby's interest - he'll be fine :)

      love and hugs xx


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