Thursday, 4 January 2018

A new dawn....

I had hopes. They weren't high, they maybe weren't based in reality, but still I had hopes. I have survived another Christmas and here we are in a new year, a brand new and sparkling 2018, first of it's kind.

my bullet journal header for Jan 2018 - Carrie Gault 2018
my hand drawn journal title :)
Already it's a mess; Andrew and I have feeling yucky with a flu-like cold. My mental health is at an all time low. Toby is bored out of his little mind and we're had to cancel our trip to Berlin next week. 😢

Yay isn't this a great start to a new year?

Truly we ought to mark our front door with a big X and keep all other people well away. Oh and it's 5 am; I've been up since 3 am....

.... Ever have a much needed sleep and felt worse for it? Andrew and Toby seem to have bought a one way ticket to Snoozeville but I'm awake and am jealous of them both, I got half an hour there.

Oh, my lovelies this maudlin attitude is not good but to be fair this is a blog of truth so maudlin I am.

I thought I'd share our Damson gin success (this is only 1 of 3 bottle fulls!) and a super wee book Andrew bought me - 'The Almanac' by Lia Leendertz (available in all awesome bookshops). Both are lovely and will last the whole year, haha.

Damson gin success and an Almanac- Carrie Gault 2018
delicious damson gin (a little goes a long way) and a great wee book

Goals for the year (aside from getting better) are -

* much more hiking (though a trip to the kitchen there almost broke me, haha) as we are going on another long multi day walk. We're doing The Hadrian's Wall Walk this summer.


* Allotmenting lots - yes, the hope is a lovely allotment year to also share. Less work - more produce is the key, ummm but how?

Now I return to my blankets and my book. I'm so tired (hence the eye mask) but can't sleep and there is a small dog here looking my attention.

Some essentials to get me through this cold- Carrie Gault 2018
A good book, tissues galore, blankets, eye mask and laptop

love and hugs
Carrie x


  1. You've started!!! that's the main thing ...when you hit bottom the only way is you xxx <3

    1. Thank you so much - it has honestly taken it out of me. I feel rather exposed but it was also therapeutic xxx

  2. Bless you Carrie - hope you will all feel better soon - keep dreaming, hoping, aspiring - one step, breath and moment at a time

    1. Oh Mary, you are so kind and sweet. 'One step, breath and moment at a time' is definitely the only way to live. Thank you, this wee quote will end up in my journal xx

  3. Hugs from the bleak and frozen north (new york state). You are so brave to blog, I can’t put bits of myself out there like that. Just keep telling yourself “this too shall pass”...before you know it you will be posting about wonderful walks with your boys, and adventures in the allotment garden! (And I will vicariously enjoy them all through your posts) Happy 2018 indeed :)

    1. Hugs back to you from the cold and damp north of Ireland. I don't feel brave but I am so happy to 'meet' people that understand. I have a bracelet with 'this too shall pass' engraved on it :) I hope you will enjoy the year ahead with me. xx

  4. My sympathies, and I hope that you both feel better soon. Shame that you had to cancel your trip to Berlin.
    The time of year and the weather certainly doesn't help the way any of us feel, especially gardeners and walkers. Never mind spring is on the way.
    Take care, hugs and happy reading. xx

    1. I'm a good few days behind Andrew in this cold and there are some subtle differences on the way our bodies are handling it but i think it's here for the long haul :( Missing on Berlin this time round feels sad but we would have been miserable.

      But at times like this we must look forward and try to see past the cold and the damp weather and remember that the sun will shine harder again! For now though - ummmm, books are the best xxxx

  5. Martyn has a bad cold so I hope that he doesn’t pass it on. I had one a while ago and didn’t so it’s only fair. Love your drawing. The miserable weather doesn’t help lift the spirits does it? It was good to ‘see’ you back though, let’s hope for brighter weather and brighter feelings. By the way watch out at Hadrian’s Wall as it is now remembered as the place where I fell complete with dog down a trench hidden in the shadows.

    1. Eeek! MY the laws of fairness you ought to be fine and dandy this time round. Fingers crossed.
      The weather is so cold and damp and I haven't been outside in 2 weeks. Like I said to Flighty, we can only look forward and hope for better times.
      NO horror stories about the Wall, please!!! I have permanent double vision remember and can fall over nothing - eeek! Hahaha. I've been to a few parts of it before and the Vindalanda place - I'm looking forward to it. (Hope you are scarred for life by your experience!) xxx
      Thank you for the welcome back and for liking my drawing *blush*x

  6. Hope a couple of days means you are getting over your cold at least.
    And that Toby gets to enjoy a walk again soonest.

  7. shhhh, don't tell my body but I think I am getting over this cold just dandy. Andrew is quite better and took Toby for a walk and run about yesterday and hopefully things will get back to 'normal' soon (once we catch up on all the sleep we've missed).
    Hugs xxx


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