Tuesday, 10 October 2017

like tears in the rain

Today marks the anniversary of Toby's adoption  - he's been with us a whole year!

I think it's also very apt that it's world mental awareness day for without this bundle of fur, this sock stealer, I have a feeling I wouldn't be here.

Right now he is in his daily daytime position - squished up against me and sleeping away (with one eye open, in case there are strangers outside). He knows I'm a mess - I haven't showered yet and talking is hard and playing is too energetic - yet he loves me anyway. Though to be fair, I'm the only one here and I do gave immeasurable amounts of hugs, kisses and scratches behind those ears. 
Toby loves life, lives it fully and with such enthusiasm but he also knows how to sleep, to rest hard. He never has shame in asking for attention and has no qualms about giving and receiving all the love. He lives in the now, forgives with grace and snores without shame!

He gets me up everyday when all I want is to hide under the duvet. I open the blinds for him to see out and I step into the world (briefly) a few times a day to make sure he, umm, toilets.

He's the glue that holds me together until Andrew comes home from work. And then the fun and giggles can really begin.


I'm just one of many many people out there whose thoughts are turned towards World Mental Health Day today. I sure as heck don't feel good today, but in honour of all those for whom even writing a blog post is just too much - please support those in need.

Be an ear that listens (no judgement!), a shoulder to cry on or a mate that just treats their ill friend just the same. All of which Toby does in his wonderful and unique way xxx




  1. Oh this made me cry..our Púca cat was the same for me through my darkest of days xx

    1. Ah, tears of love for a sweet and caring soul. Our pets are so precious, little do they understand xxx

  2. Dogs should be available on prescription shouldn’t they.

    1. Heck yes! What a great idea. Match up all the poor sad dogs in shelters and give them a new life with someone who has been sad and alone too.
      Oh when I am Queen....

    2. That sounds a perfect solution on both sides!
      Toby has grown into an elegant young dog.

    3. The only problem is how to get myself elected as Queen 👑

  3. A poignant post and lovely pictures. I think that our pets do understand our emotions which they react to with innate empathy.
    Take care, and hugs. xx

    1. Thank you Flighty. It's incredible just how sensitive they are yet at the same time they can protect their own wee minds and not get down. Hurrah for pets xxx

  4. He's certainly been good for you and a good recipient of all your hugs and snuggles. Well done, Toby!


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