Saturday, 14 October 2017

Hiking the Ulster Way


We set ourselves a challenge this year of 2017 to walk the Ulster Way; at least all the quality sections (which are those not on main roads). For many years we have seen, as I am sure everyone who lives here sees, those innocuous little signs at the sides of roads all over the country and wondered where they went...we wonder (wander?) no longer....
As you know last year saw us somehow stumble into the world of hiking and we have been ensnared in its grip. Andrew has gone right down the outdoor life rabbit hole and loves to wild camp too; I'm a bit more sensible - I love good sturdy walls, a roof and a proper bed with an en-suite..

So way back in our training for the West Highland Way (or half of it if i'm honest) we started these nice long sections of paths, exploring our home. It worked well, as this was the year when we had planned to focus on the hard landscaping of the allotment and thus have more time at the weekends for a bit of both. (By the way - the allotment only has a few beetroots and leeks in it presently).

The ulster way map via -

The book above by Paddy Dillon is the only one on the topic and even it is 10 years out of date. All hail Mr Dillon though, I appreciate his efforts. The fantastic Walk NI is now the torch carrier of the way and their website is superb -

The story of our walks so far will be told in a backward way as I really want to celebrate the latest one we did on Thursday past - the one wherein we passed the 100 mile mark. The one which I am still aching from as I sit here on the following Saturday morning; there are muscles aching that I didn't know I had!

I hope you'll enjoy my photo filled stories to come !
Carrie xxx


  1. It doubles the pleasure of a hike to relive it with the photos and retell the story.
    I am trying to work thru 3 weeks of hikes for a monthly blog post - gets harder to tease the weeks apart as time drifts by.

    1. Due to my mental health issues, the photos make the experience real for me after the fact. I can get so overwhelmed at the time I detach from reality. I love your hikes! How different they are to mine xxx

  2. I”m with you when it comes to camping. :-) A tent in the back garden, during the day no sleep outs, when I was a child, is the nearest I have come.

  3. Well done both of you. I don't blame for wanting home comforts rather than wild camping.
    I look forward to the posts and pictures to come on your exploits. xx


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