Thursday, 6 July 2017

More sweet little victories

rose photo and Moore quote -
single rose from 14b

I can't quite put into words that which this little scene it brought up within me, but there was something so beautiful about such a sweet and delicate bloom surrounded by harsh dead wood; twigs that will surely trip and tear at the fragile petals as it opens...

I spent a while looking for quotes on roses and they were all about thorns and such. Well I have news for you, news for the great and good writers of the past -- roses don't have thorns they have prickles!

The only other rose alive (barely) on 14b has been stolen, along with my huge and beautiful red oriental poppy. I knew I had to stop thinking of those plants left behind as no longer mine but boy, it hurt. It seems there has been a spate of pilfering going on, actual plants and trees tripped from the ground! It beggars belief and one particular friend has had a terrible time.
Anyway MORE sweet little victories from the plots last weekend....

climbing beans -

This is the 1st bed as you walk into our plot and at the moment it's my favourite. Here we have our legumes and first up are these beautiful tepee-ed climbing beans which are romping away. I simply adore the way they wind their way up the poles. As you can see, the plot next door is truly abandoned now - that grass is hell to my hay-fever, even with the medication. 
dwarf french beans -
Beside the tepee are the Dwarf French Beans which are all doing great, bar one. No idea what has happened to it but losing only one is fine. (Unlike the courgettes seeds which had zero germination this year! No glut for us, which is strangely upsetting, haha). 

In the background you can see the Keter Eden bench is still going strong and we love it! The storage is full up of sheets, netting and Toby's necessaries. I'd say it was a great investment but I remember now I was given it for free, haha. Our water butt was full again and gave us enough water to do almost everywhere - they are great, couldn't not have one.

Broad beans -

Last in this bed is the broad beans, two sowings, a few weeks apart; you can't have enough of them in our opinion! I love seeing the baby beans arriving on the first batch but yet also have the stunning like flowers next door - best of both worlds when you like to take photos and study the details. 

So the second bed is all full up now too....
leeks, spring onions, carrots, beetroot -

Here we have the beetroot which is growing so well, too well; I think it maybe time to thin some out but in comparison too the carrots, of which there are only 4, I'm reluctant to remove anything just yet, haha. The parsnips just gave up the fight, there was one I think and Andrew put it out of it's misery and replaced the row with some very happy spring onions. Then at the weekend he planted the leeks out. Then had been sown in a pot at home and had some very feisty roots trying to escape and plant themselves by the time he put them in these sweet rows. I see there is a piece of slate there, I'm hoping that is going to be a future etched 'Leeks' sign - nudge nudge Andrew..

So that's pretty darn good for two beds 😊 

* Today's blog was brought to you by coffee, sweet coffee and the musical jams of Mr Stevie Wonder. Sadly my coffee buzz has worn off now so I shall leave it there for now. 

* I am hoping to harvest the red gooseberries tonight and do something with them.. I'll let you know how it goes

Much love and happy July - where is this year going!?


  1. That lone rose -- so beautiful.
    Of course, I also adore your tendrilly details of happy beans. The sunshine on them is gorgeous. No courgettes?! But you'll have extra beet greens to enjoy.

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been so anxious I haven't wanted to blog but your comment has made my day. xxx

  2. A good plotting post and pictures. Lovely rose. It sure is a busy time of year when hopefully everything is doing well.
    Thanks, and to you too. The year sure is flying by. xx

  3. Lovely to see your plot Carrie, DOING SO WELL! I took a risk a while back and thinned my beets, actually transplanting each of the extras into other beds..... followed by such fierce hot sunny days and I thought what a waste of time when I could have just enjoyed those gorgeous sweet leaves in a salad, but amazingly with a few weeks and lots of watering almost every one has recovered and is growing strong. Can't wait as I just LOVE beetroot. My spuds are growing well and I will show you some photos as I harvest them to compare methods. I think it's so sad when people take advantage and steal on an allotment site, but you must take it as flattery. Someone was jealous of what YOU have. As for courgettes - I wanted some yellow ones as I love to eat a rainbow of colours, so I bought a pack of yellow seeds which contained just 5 seeds for the princely sum of £2.95! So only three germinated, one was nobbled by a friendly mollusc and they will be the most expensive courgettes ever! I will let you know how many I actually grow. Thanks for posting. Love Mary


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