Thursday, 11 May 2017

Less is more

That's it, we are giving up 14b.
a sad farewell - - an ecotherapy blog
a sad farewell
I do write this with a slightly heavy heart as no one wants to feel a failure, but we have finally come to our senses and realised we are not superhuman and that hell of a half plot must exit our lives. 24a will always be our first and true love and now we are going to dedicate our allotmenteering time to it alone.
bloody weeds!! - - an ecotherapy blog
3 hours of virtual non-stop work and this is all I got weeded of the hell plot.
We are 9 yrs into our allotment journey now and still enjoy it, however, we have other passions too and hate the feeling of being obliged to go and work in misery in an area we can't stay on top on. From now on we will use our time for more us time; hiking and day trips to the beach with Toby etc.

We're in a transitional year on 24a anyway - paths need made, others need fixed up; bed edging has rotted in practically every place and the apple arch needs refurbished too.
24a currently - - an ecotherapy blog
A24a and Toby with his beloved ball :)
apple blossoms - - an ecotherapy blog
I'm just madly in love with all the apple blossom this year
Some seeds have been planted and are growing well, some were direct sown last Sunday - we are still growing people (😀 ), we are simply cutting back and concentrating on what we actually need and use every year.

So dead raspberries and a hated spiky nightmare of a redcurrant plant are gone! Plus we have some big pots to fill with some beloved plants from 14b - it's going to be a busy Saturday :)

Plus, I hate ignoring the elephant in the room....I'm ill, still very ill indeed to be honest and struggling. Yes, I want to immerse myself in nature whenever, however I can but it can't stress me out. Now, things are changing and ADVENTURE AWAITS.

Love and hugs


  1. You couldn't have done anymore with 14b!! not with neglected plots all around and their weeds coming to find solace in your wee bed...lots of love xxx

    1. Thanks Mamma G - it's been a struggle from the beginning. Apart from one plot behind us it's just a nightmare and the lovely guy that has that one plot is thinking of giving up too!

  2. I think that you're making the right decision, and you certainly shouldn't feel that you've failed. I believe in doing less but better, which often makes for an easier and more enjoyable life.
    Take care, and happy plotting. xx

    1. Thank you Flighty, hearing that does help. I wish I had of used the title 'less but better', I like that a lot. x

  3. Carrie - you haven't failed! It's only common sense to use your energies where they are most useful to you, and not to flog a dead horse. ( I do hope nobody would actually flog a live horse either!) I speak very much from experience here with 11/12 years on our allotment and 33 years in my garden - it's all ongoing from one season to the next with old mother nature. You must enjoy 24a to the full, and just not worry about anything else. Hopefully some other family will be offered your old plot and have something to gain from it.
    On my allotment over the years we started with one full plot then took on another full plot a couple of years later, and now we've reduced it all down to a maneagable one and a half, giving up one half of our first plot which was so hard. The work we put into it over the years - and we had precious plants and fruit bushes, even a plum tree, some things we were able to move but others including the tree we had to leave behind.
    We have changed the way we approach life now we're retired and have lots more time, but we've become selective. You must concentrate on doing all the things that make YOU feel better, enjoying life to its fullest. We go to the pictures every few weeks now, in the afternoon - because we can, and we're growing things we'll actually use, less is more. You need time for walking with Andrew and Toby, and time to potter and take care of yourself when Andrew is working. YOU are so much better - we can hear it in your (virtual) voice. You are learning how your illness can be managed and have made such progress.
    You definitely don't have to reproach yourself - think of it as a positive move. More time for reading, and maybe you might find other interests too. I never thought I'd enjoy films so much! Thanks for posting!

    1. It was about 7 years ago that we thought we ought to take on more than just a half plot. As there was a free plot diagonally from us we went for it. We just didn't realise that the abandonment of those plots all round it would never be fixed = all weeds in our 14b.

      We'll be leaving behind a good few lovely new trees and a hedge and, well, lots which is heartbreaking (nevermind all the effort and money that's been poured in too). We are taking everything we can, even if it's nailed down, hahha.

      We do think this is positive the more we think about it. Thanks for reading and commenting xx

  4. Coming to a realization and doing something about it must feel good, Carrie. And I hope the reduces stress will mean a lighter heart for you, too. Plus, Toby gets more time for hikes and play!

    I'm sorry your illness continues. Nature and the joys and beauty of gardening are helping, but they're not magical and I hope you are coping as well as you can.

    1. You are the sweetest, thank you for your kind words. I think we feel better already about it all and hopefully on Saturday we can get all we want from it and just let go.

      I'm just taking life a day, a moment at a time to be honest. I know I write a bit happy and silly but in reality life is very hard and I'm exhausted. Nature does help though, as do my fabulous readers and their comments xxx

  5. There is absolutely no point in struggling with something that makes you miserable - life is too short. Go out and enjoy.

  6. So the reality check, and step forward with a lighter tread.
    Gardening is a bit like housework. Doesn't matter how much, or how little, you do - there is ALWAYS another task to do when you are finished.

    1. I said the very same thing! It is so like vacuuming the house especially with a pup who eats leaves and drags everything inside with him. I wish the vacuum were pretty and could stay out all the time :) xx

  7. Your existing plot will be beautiful and walking your dog will really help you.

  8. I totally understand you. This is why I have only a tiny veggie patch at the back of my garden, even though I live across the allotments. I just wouldn't be able to manage.
    The garden takes so much time, it is a lovely spent time, but if you have other hobbies some things gets compromised.
    When we lived in a flat we used to spent so much more time on a day trips. But now we have our garden and not so much time for other things. Although we try to balance it all out.
    Good luck to you!

  9. I completely understand. I have recently been trying to make things simpler as well, because we have so many things we love doing but if there is too much stuff to do and it is overcomplicated it can be pretty draining rather than refreshing. Do not feel bad that you are leaving it behind, it will make you feel much better. Good luck with the adventure :)


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