Saturday, 6 May 2017

Growing, always

It was a very tentative step I took to the allotment today. It's been a while, as you know, and my nerves were on tender hooks.

Ecotherapy works and is (with yoga and the joy of novels) my light in the ever present darkness. However the interpretation of the word Ecotherapy has changed recently for myself; the world of hiking, passively immersing in nature has been my life recently.

I have grown a lot this year with hiking and a walk now has to be over 13 miles to feel good. Only a week ago I completed the northern half of The West Highland Way with my hubby. We walk together and it has strengthened our relationship and sense of adventure. (We're already planning a return to do the whole damn thing soon!)
Two of about 200 photos from our Scottish adventure :)
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Toby comes on many of the walks and become a strong and manly little dog (9mths old now). He was with Andrew at the allotment during the week - how wonderful to have another pup sitting  and playing where our fabulous Maggie did.

https://www - Toby!
So, back to today and it went great 😊. It was quiet and the weather nice, we had a picnic for dinner and got lots done. Toby didn't do too bad and met a new friend.

https://www - today's work
what I did - clearing a lot of weeds and unwanted raspberries.
I'll write more later but for now I'm just going to re-share this RSPB link to making a birdhouse. I do this is hopes that you will consider giving it a go. I did it a few years ago and was so happy with mine and the many babies it held each year until now - someone only went and bloody stole it!

Love and hugs from a tired me,
Carrie x


  1. welcome back!

  2. I'm happy to 'hearing' that you are feeling much more positive.

  3. Keep up the great blog, well done

  4. A most enjoyable post and lovely pictures, especially the one of Toby.

  5. Great to see you back posting.

  6. How unkind to steal the bird house your hands have made.
    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - they could have hand crafted their own.


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