Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Coming and Going

It was yesterday I thought of them. I knew where to look of course and under a fine layer of dead bamboo leaves I found them. Sweet, fresh green harbingers of Spring. They have burst forth from the darkness and exude hope, a reminder that warmer days and longer days are coming and we can make it through this cold, dark, dank period. We always do. But for someone like me, whose brain is heavily fogged with depression and confusion and all matter of clutter, the sight of these snowdrops is a powerful annual sign that I too can make it through another winter, another period of suffocating darkness.....

This is only a part of the hidden cluster you must walk around the tea house to get a glimpse off, but the effect is so magical. I look forward to them growing taller and flowering; that almost blinding white is forming inside.

first signs of snowdrops -

It's a times like this that a William Peter Blatty quote always comes to my mind. In the midst of reading his book - The Exorcist, there are moments of pure reassuring peace amongst the horror and evil. This is one quote that truly lifts my spirits every time I read it and hope it goes down well with you....
William Peter Blatty quote -

It is also times like this that I wonder about the allotment and what jobs might need doing. It's fun to think of all the trees and bushes over there that look so dormant but are really working hard to rise the sap and withstand the cold. Soon there shall be buds on their branches and the joyous cycle begins again.

rhubarb forcing -
Not a great photo - sorry.
Already the rhubarb is growing strong and we have one crown under the forcing pot for that special treat of extra sweet branches. The beds are mulched with lovely compost and manure, no seaweed this year as it's just been too blasted cold to collect any. Andrew has already done a lot of pruning. I would like to think the garlic is poking through now too, but the weather is just too poor to go and check.

This month is truly for dreaming and planning; thinking about optimising your space, noting where raised beds need fixing, timbers replacing, looking at seed catalogues and remembering what worked for you last year. Enjoy! In no time the hard work shall begin.


I'm off on a holiday this week to the sunshine and other-worldly beauty of North Tenerife, time to take a break from the everyday and go climb a volcano or two. I look forward to the many different plants I hope to see, the incredible black sand beaches and the blue sky. We're booked into a small place in the middle of nowhere with hiking trails all around....



  1. It's always lovely to see snowdrops. Enjoy yourselves in Tenerife, and while you're away I'll hopefully get your promised seeds sorted out and posted to you. Flighty xx

  2. Bulbs pushing through certainly lift the spirits. Have lovely holiday.

  3. I've been imagining you soaking in all that sunshine and lovely scenery. Enjoy, Carrie. And when you get back, those delicious green little sprouts will be a bit further along.

  4. climbing volcanoes!!
    Have fun. I remember a few hours there when we travelled between Switzerland and Cape Town on a mailship.

  5. Have a wonderful time sweetie .. take lots of pictures too please .. I want to see those black sand beaches and the sea ! .. relax and soak in the sun : )
    Take care

  6. Your allotment has got so much growing! My patch of land is covered in leaves from the trees that surround it. Strangely, garlic that seems to have died last year started to poke its head out - I'll see what that comes to.
    Enjoy our holiday and the sunshine and I look forward to hearing about all the plants.


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