Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Regarding that warning letter

I really ought to learn to let things go. I know this, I'm too sensitive and once hurt by something it takes me goodly time to heal. So regarding that recent warning letter we got - I am still smarting and though it has all been sorted out and we got our apology, I still feel slightly aggrieved.

I mean look at this, our 24a plot (a before picture!) compared to the one next door. I only use this plot as it is so very close, believe me there are a lot that are in a sad state. I do so hope they received a warning letter but now, after the 12 days given to show some improvement and active cultivation, here it lies as it has been for the past 5 odd years. Goodness, Maggie even made a nest in it once the weather turned colder yesterday afternoon.
our plot and theirs - ~ an allotment blog

Anywho, rant over.

We're bang on schedule with our two plots and though the weather has been fiendish and the soil often unworkable we have found ourselves lifting the last harvest and planting the first this week! ( I'll write in more detail about that soon)
leeks, last harvest - ~ an allotment blog
leeks galore 
Forgive us if we haven't gotten around to finishing the paths on 14b but quite frankly we have just paid out a load of money for new flooring at home and the allotment does come second.

And so I'm off back to the plots now whilst there isn't any hail or sleet (yes we have been having both over the long Easter weekend) to try to finish weeding the forest area and possibly prune my roses.



  1. Those leeks look incredible!

  2. We were the victims of a similar mistake the first year we had our plot. We told the official that it was a good job we both visited the plot as they could have caused a domestic when wife wonders where husband has been going every weekend,

    I also once had a letter accusing me of speeding in the next county in a place I had never heard of let alone visited, Apparently someone had misread the photo of the number plate but as I got the letter when I arrived home Friday evening I had a whole weekend to worry about it.

    1. Haha,councils have so much to answer for. Silly mistakes all over the place and worried innocent people. *shakes fist*

  3. Good grief. I've been nothing but impressed by your and Andrew's care for your plots, both in tidying, readying, harvesting, and photographing! I mean, look at those gorgeous leeks!

  4. Sadly that's all too typical but glad to see that it's sorted and you got an apology. The plots are looking good, as are the leeks. Happy plotting. Flighty xx

    1. Thanks Flighty, sadly it isn't truly a surprise that the council gets things wrong and yet others seem to coast by on doing no work at all. Anyway, we still love our plots! Hugs x


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