Thursday, 24 March 2016

First seedlings pop through

It's a dreary, dank day and I'm feeling a little depressed. Though Maggie is a healing balm and I have a great book to read and pen-pal to write to; plenty to keep me busy.

But I want to be outside, I want to be planting seeds and clearing the orchard patch at the Lottie.

So the closest I get is stepping out into the mizzily, maudlin morning and taking a peek at the seed trays. And lo, joy is to be found in those little green shoots! Life is pushing through the dirt and darkness and filling me with hope.

Let these bursts of gorgeous greenery delight your eyes too. We need to share the love, the hope and help one another see light ahead xx

seedlings ~ ~ an allotment blog
Broad beans, Broccoli celebrese, Kale, Purple sprouting broccoli
And I noticed this baby too :)

seedlings ~ ~ an allotment blog
a tiny kohl rabi!


  1. I've not sown anything in posts or trays yet. Have a good Easter. Flighty xx

    1. Ahh but soon...and then the real excitement happens! x

  2. Looking forward to the rain we are promised on Saturday evening, after spending most of today in the garden.
    I haz a TIRed.
    Today we bought, and planted, a granadilla vine :~))

    1. Haha, you are looking forward to the rain and we're sad because the weekend is going to be wet. Different worlds xxx

  3. It never ceases to be a really welcome sight.

  4. Hello Dearest Carrie !
    What a lovely sight to see these wee baby plants peeling up and smiling at YOU!
    My first taste of kohl rabi was from my great uncle's garden .. it was amazing and my great aunt's dahlias were the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen .. dinner plate dahlias?
    Spring is just NOT happening here either Carrie .. we have icy snow laying on everything .. with a maybe? promise of some sun on Sunday ... becoming one of the latest Springs ever ... so I know how you feel with your wet Irish weather.
    Fingers crossed we both get some sun and warmth soon OK ? LOL
    Take care sweetie !
    Joy : )

  5. Among the very best tonic, in my opinion. Tiny green shoots pushing through to life and sunshine.

  6. Hello! You're back - you must be feeling better, I'm so glad. I didn't know that St Patricks Day is traditionally your day for planting your spuds, its Good Friday across on this side of the water. So yesterday I put my spuds in and had a lovely day pottering in the greenhouse and the veg patch. And today it has rained and watered my newly sown seed so hurrah! I love this time when everything is possible; it feels so hopeful. By August/September when lots of crops have failed or bolted or just refused to germinate I get downhearted and wonder why I bother. But then spring comes around again and I know. Lynda x


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