Monday, 14 March 2016

Hopping into action

I say ' hopping' so as to conjure up images of bunnies and the associated Easter/spring paraphernalia, but it's leading me astray already and now I'd like an Easter egg - concentration is lost....ummm, where's the chocolate.

We awoke on Saturday to a nice-ish day which whispered 'allotment' on the mild air. Not wanting to be rude, we heeded it, went out for much needed coffee and then seed shopping, yippee! But oh my, we bought quite a lot for this first phrase of sowing. To be fair though, we didn't get that Japanese pine or the acer and managed to stick to the essentials, just about; nurseries look so good this time of year.

Once home we then, like amateurs, checked through our seed boxes and yes, threw a good deal of old stuff out but also came across a few 'in use' doubles to the ones we'd just purchased. Oh, well the new ones will keep until next year.
seeds - '' ~ an allotment blog
Andrew's seed box for veg (left), mine for flowers (right) and the rubbish trug
Naturally the seed planting came next and compost was sieved, the plug trays lifted down from a high shelf and brushed and...action. I am putting up a plant list in a different page to keep track of the names of varieties etc so you can see what we've planted as it happens. I didn't do any sowing myself, my confidence has nose dived and though it's so super easy and the seeds actually want to grow, I just came over all nervous and was sure I'd kill them by my mere touch.

seed planting  - '' ~ an allotment blog
preparation of a lovely bed for seeds (plus radio which has been outside for 2 years and still runs on the original battery)
seeds and a tip - '' ~ an allotment blog
super tiny seeds that will become tasty large beetroot
wire wool to re-use old labels - great tip from Monty! on and Maggie standing by the gate and getting chased my me every now and then, we had a nice time and got lots done.
Maggie - '' ~ an allotment blog
fish, blood and Maggie :) 
Phew! *I wiped Andrew's brow for him* he did a lot of sowing; I watched and used my lovely camera for the first time in ages. This year (we say this every year) we are concentrating only on that which we will eat; we're more serious this time. One early potato ('Sharp's express') will be grown in a pot and no garden peas - they are just so cheap to buy frozen and taste as good without the effort!

spuds chitted and ready to go - '' ~ an allotment blog
Sharp's Express are ready to go, just need the soil to dry a little more
So much more to come :)
Love and hugs


  1. Good to see you were both busy. You're ahead of me as I've not sown any seeds yet. Take care. Flighty xx

    1. It feels good, we're in a good place with two weekends worth or really hard graft. Ah, sure we've just down a few seeds, it's only getting started xxx

  2. We were plotting on Saturday too. Must admit though I love our garden peas.

    1. Plotting buddies :) We just have a terrible time here with darned bugs on our peas! But we are growing mangetout and sugar snaps xx

  3. I like this part...... Phew! *I wiped Andrew's brow for him* he did a lot of sowing. Yeap!!!

    1. Haahah! I haven't heard from you lovely guys in ages! How lovely you took time for a comment. I must catch up with you! xx

  4. Was Maggie eating the soil with fish, blood and bone with such an appetite as Wilson? Or she passed on that sort of treat? Hihi


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