Wednesday, 15 April 2015

I built a storage bench

During the winter months some nasty little pilferers took our lovely kidney shaped wooden bench from right off our plot, gah! What with that and the fact that our storage box looked to be falling apart, I was utterly delighted when Keter asked me if I would like to review their Eden Storage Bench. That it was called Eden (like our Allotments and the village they are in) tickled me pink and you just know the answer I gave, with much gratitude.

Keter Eden Storage Bench on the plot ~

*** A few weeks later ***
I was really glad Andrew happened to be home when the most massive of delivery lorries pulled up outside our home, blocking the light like a solar eclipse! And voilà - there it was, on a free pallet too :) (Andrew has since made some use of this free wood - there is no stopping him and his DIY ways)

Keter Eden Storage Bench ~

It was expertly packaged up and oh what joy I had unwrapping it, so much bubble wrap to stomp on!
Keter Eden Storage Bench ~

So we loaded all the parts up into the car and drove right down to the back of the lottie shed. Off loaded here, we were able to get the instruction booklet out and place everything neatly in order of assembly; the only tool needed was a star headed screwdriver = awesome.

Keter had designed this so well that once the basic framework was made (note: frame re-enforced by steel), there was a lot of simple assembly by clicking into place. In many cases it was great to have a helper, especially as I'm not that tall, only have 2 hands and the wind was making the whole experience that wee bit wobblier to begin with.
Building the Keter Eden Storage Bench ~

However sometimes my helper got a little carried away and the DIY King within him broke free. It was not a bad thing at all, with my double vision there were times when the assembly was painfully slow and I was driving myself bonkers with trying to put 10 small screws in to secure the base.
Building the Keter Eden Storage Bench ~

But I loved making it and as I did so it was easy to sense the strength of the piece and know that it was well designed and sturdy. These are feelings you may not get when you think it's plastic and not solid wood. This is going to be a fabulous asset on the plot, with lots of lockable storage space, long lasting plastic material, strength enough to comfortably hold 2 people, their dog, plus picnic and a nice finish without painting every season.

Maggie and I relaxing on the Keter Eden Storage Bench ~

10 out of 10.

Now we just have to hope that no one steals it *rolls eyes*



  1. Store heavy things in it so it's harder to pick up and steal. It is lovely.

  2. Wow. I am so impressed you did this! I'm so bad about putting things together. I never do what you're supposed to do: take each piece out separately and make sure you have ALL the pieces required. I usually try to wing it. This has led to several book shelves that lean slightly or are missing a shelf:~)

    So, you win my DIY Award:~)

    p.s. I love the last picture! Also, I like what Jean said about storing HEAVY stuff in it.

  3. Good for you and well done. It certainly looks good with the added advantage of the storage space and being long lasting. Flighty xx

  4. It looks like you fell on your feet having that to review. Or maybe your derrière? That would suit my sister's garden. I wonder whether they would like another reviewer. ;)

  5. My dad bought me one of these last year as he was getting sick of seeing a pile of gardening stuff in the corner of our garden haha! I absolutely love it! It's amazing how much stuff you can fit in it, though it did take us a while to fit it together too haha! :)
    xo April
    April | April Everyday

  6. do tell, is it made of recycled plastic?
    Lovely gentle dusky pink.

  7. Store heavy stuff in it and then pilfers won't want to work hard enough to lift it :-)

  8. Your review is featured on Keter's Facebook page! How Cool!


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