Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Plot 14b - the Plan

What you've all been waiting for!

This first plan is of 14b as it was only a matter of weeks ago; a mess, a plot of shame, that plot which we shall not speak off. I could barely make myself take a photo of it and generally just pretended it was nothing to do with me.

This was how it was laid out but you know, you just know it never looked as neat and tidy as this. The cut flowers are just diagonally across from 24a, I guess we're looking at the plot from a different direction than usual here but this is the way Andrew roughly sketched it.

Well, let the World rejoice as Andrew has well and truly kicked bum and gone mental at clearing and digging and making this place somewhere super productive, low maintenance and quite frankly, awesome. He has removed so many ill performing plants, plants we never even harvested fruit from and finally uncovered the carpeted area, which looks in good shape, the weeds were merely sitting on top of it.

Yes dear friends we are going to try the old asparagus again, enough time has now passed for us to grieve the first bed we had that New Zealand flatworm destroyed. This new patch has mainly been our squash bed for the past few years and the soil is delightful. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

One thing you will notice about this plot of pure awesome is that we don't have to worry about rotation of crops and many things will just be living where they are planted. The cut flower bed for instance has some stunning roses and poppies in it, the blackberry has long been producing well in this position and the sloe berry hedge is quite new (start of this year?) but has settled in well and thriving.

The asparagus bed is dug, manured and ready to go.... The gooseberry bed gone and the carpet lifted. Also note the minty green mesh fence running the length of the left hand side - good fences make good neighbours eh?

This blog post has been brought to you by a slight headache and very sleepy eyes - without coffee all is darkness and chaos. I'm off for a coffee now and some chocolate (naughty). Then I shall come back and write about the heroic work we did on 24a at the weekend...

Love and hugs to you all


  1. Good to read and see that you've been busy planning and plotting. Come next summer you'll see that it'll have all been worthwhile. Flighty xx

  2. I love maps and plot plans. What fun to look at the photos and be able to name what grows in which space. It adds so much dimension to a photograph.

  3. Sounds like you will have fun deciding on cut flowers.

  4. The plot looks great and the drawings by Andrew helped me see the work you've both done. You sound so much better. I agree with coffee and chocolate. I could use a caffeine fix right now, myself.

    Is it getting cool? I imagine it is. It's still rather HOT where I live, but the my yard plants are growing like weeds. Sometimes I fear they will consume the house, but so far they've been polite and allowed us to keep the house, for now. Of course, when winter arrives I will miss their green waving branches and have to remind myself they will return in full glory:~)

    Happy day to you, Carrie!

  5. I'm so impressed with Andrew's persistence (and you, too, with that asparagus!) and inventiveness and enthusiasm despite setbacks. But perhaps the fresh veggies and beautifully tended plot are reward enough.

    And thank you for your concern for Sammy. She's all better now. Wish Maggie the best in her elder years.

  6. Love plans and this looks like a good one.


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