Friday, 8 November 2013

To err is to garden

Hello *shy wave* it's been a while and I feel very much out of practice. I haven't been a good allotmenteer this year at all, in fact I have been shameful to be honest and Andrew has done pretty much everything. I have shown you all my work but looking back it was pretty pathetic and as I watch Monty talk away about a new year to come, I have a new resolve - I will work harder. There I promise it, more than just said it, I wrote it down and published it for all the world to hold me to!

We went to the lottie on Monday and picked some delicious crops as shown below...
Turnips, Mooli, Beetroot

But the big thing about 24a wasn't the usual great root veg (we are lucky or is it luck when Andrew works so very hard on improving the soil and I weed until I can't bare it anymore?) that we harvested and those which are still in the ground, just look at all these parsnips and leeks....yummy; no the big thing was the fruit tree arch.

There is still an arch but no trees, not a one. It was a mistake, a learning experience, it didn't work, okay! The pears didn't fruit, the apples had terrible scab and the plums were mutants. Basically the trees were too close together and there were beds right beside them too where those roots had been running to to try and find nourishment that wasn't there.

Sad yes but I choose to see it as a new start and new ideas are constantly bubbling away in Andrew's head. I have heard lots about step over fruit trees for example....I do hope you will hang around and share the adventure with us.

I shall return, I have 2 book reviews to talk about and of course I will tickle plans and drawings out of Andrew to share with you. As for now, beer is calling and my sewing awaits as we sit in front of the tv resting before a return to work on the lottie tomorrow. Wish me luck friends, the weeds, dear help us all, the weeds.....



  1. Himself has got a strimmer, and he strims from one end to the other. Our garden looks quite different, spruced up, not its accustomed comfortable slightly scruffy look. We have plums this year, and FIGS.

  2. i really need to catch up - hugs Diana

  3. Remember the gardeners' motto - there is always next year!

  4. How lovely to see a post from you Carrie. A great resolution for next year; I have some too. What a shame about your fruit trees, but hopefully whatever you put there next will do better. Maybe a tayberry would grow nicely on that fantastic arch. I've got one clinging to a very rickety trio of bamboo poles that needs a better support. The weeds are the bane of my life too. Constantly trying to stage a takeover. Hope you have a lovely Sunday Carrie.

  5. A lovely post and photos.
    I think that you should resolve to work better, and smarter, rather than harder. That's what us older gardeners do as it then gives us more time to read, write and enjoy our tea and biscuits.
    Take care, Flighty xx

  6. Erring is the best method of learning! Love your dandelion clock :)

  7. Hello, I am a silent reader for a long time. Good to see you back with a new courage.

  8. Ugh, those weeds. You have my sympathy! And, yes, I'm looking forward to reading all about Andrew's plans. You and he seem to have such interesting ones!


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