Friday, 19 October 2012

The worst, yet I get an award?!

I have been the worst blogger known to humankind of late. I do apologise, I really haven't been well. I know I told you a little about it last time but things are truly very bad and now I am in between two different zones of mental health teams and both are asking to work with me; I am still not sure what the do-lally is going on and as a result I am slowly (ironically) getting much more ill due to the upheaval.

So I have been finding it hard to talk, walk, read and write. I have tried to take a photo every now and then but to be honest even looking outside makes me nervous never mind going out there!

Here are a few little pics of some fabulous harvests we have had though -

Yummy beetroots, runner beans, parsnips and celeriac

The last of the tomatoes ('Gardener's Delight' ~ a truly apt name)

Our only big pumpkin - now ripe and the same size as Maggie :) This shall not be carved so don't tempt me, it's the only one we have and I swear everything shall be eaten, even the seeds shall be roasted and memory of it lingered over all winter. Oh, last year we had an attic full of Pumpkins - they got quite sickening in the end :(

Apart from that the rain has scuppered any plans for work at the lotties - they are a swamp.

But! I did receive an award from my lovely friend Annuk (a jeweller and blogger). I am to link back to her at Annuk Creations and tell you 7 things about myself....ummmmm.....
  1. I am allergic to peanuts, intolerant to onions and just plan rude to mushrooms.
  2. I stood on a snail last night - yuck, it makes such a gross crunching sound and you slide on your sole at the same time.
  3. I adore roses but hate, hate, hate the smell of them (there, good to get that off my chest)
  4. I love anything to do with cute (not realistic) drawings of Unicorns :) I believe!!! haha
  5. I have size 3 feet.
  6. I am an excellent baker but I don't bake anymore because I am so good - I eat it all.
  7. I will not answer the phone unless I know who is calling - weird I know but true all the same. Phone me on my mobile and all is well, I can see the number...
There you go, terribly interesting I'm sure. Again I am sorry for the lack of blogging content this week, times are hard and my head is not a nice place to be.

Hoping you are all well and looking forward to sowing seeds, planting those bulbs, taking cuttings for next year. Yuck and *big raspberries* to Winter xxxx


  1. Maggie doesn't look overly impressed by the pumpkin?
    Well done on the award.

  2. that's because Maggie is, MUCH more beautiful than a mere pumpkin!

  3. hahaha - Maggie wasn't impressed, she sniffed it but then just turned away from it altogether! It was in her bed!!

    thank you Sue and thank you from Maggie Diana xxx

  4. Carrie sweetie ... I am so sorry you are having such a hard time of it.
    BUT ... you managed to do this post and that is wonderful ... and ... we have many things in common, I won't answer the phone or door unless I know who it is and even some times not then .. I am anti-social ? LOL
    I loved roasted pumpkin seeds .. they are fantastic but yes, you can get sick of them too .. but ? they would be yummy right now! LOL
    Take care sweetie !

  5. joy - I shall really have to catch up with you, I'm write you an email over the weekend. Love you so much - be good to yourself xxx

  6. Great harvest, sweetie!!!
    I loved the 7 little things... and I won't answer my mobile either, if it's an unknown number!
    I'm sending you tons of love, you know I love you!!!!

  7. Oh and I forgot to say that Maggie looks adorable with that huge pumpkin! Big kiss to her!!!

  8. Well done, it's well deserved and good to see some facts about you. Take care, Flighty xx

  9. I love the picture of "Gardener's Delight." It's really pretty.

    You deserve the award. You may not blog all the time, but the ones you do give us are always interesting, especially with your photos.

    Feel better soon.


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