Wednesday, 24 October 2012

New seeds - new hope

Hurrah for new seeds!

I love the way gardening makes you turn into a positive, forward looking person. Here we are standing on the verge of that huge void (also known as Winter) looking into the darkness that lies ahead, the chill, the lack of sunshine and colour all round. But, as gardeners we are also planning the new crop rotation, planting those blubs that hearld spring and getting ourselves all ready for another year :)

Here is a fabulous package from Vegetable Seeds (there is a linky button on the right side) - it contains, prepare yourself...
Parsnip Tender and True Gourd Turks Turban
Calabrese Green Sprouting Sweet Corn Sweet Nugget
Leek Musselburgh Squash Sweet Dumpling
Dwarf French Bean Annabel Squash Uchiki Kuri
Climbing French Bean Blue Lake Beet Rainbow Chard

Plus we have broad beans (always Aquadulce) already planted and very impatiently we wait for that first hint of green... :)

* What are you going to try this coming year; any new adventurous plants going into your plot?

* What are your faves, that ones you just can't do without?


  1. I have plant label envy. Mine are too small and they crumble away from the sun. Many many pots of nameless bulbs in my garden.

  2. Except for sweet peas, zinnias, and cosmos, I'm completely rubbish with seeds so I will have to enjoy your seeds vicariously. Very exciting stuff.

  3. Diana - pots of nameless bulbs can be very exciting :) I don't really know what way ours are going to look as Andrew did them when I was napping one day so it's a suprise for me!

    Nikkipolani - no sweet peas for me this year, I feel like a change and you my dear have just made my mind up for me - Zinnas and Cosmos! lovely xxx

  4. I have to admit that I haven't thought that far ahead yet - just hoping for a better growing year!

  5. What a good selection.
    I've sort of sorted out a list for next year but you know what it's like...! Flighty xx


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