Monday, 14 November 2011

The hubby ventures forth to the lottie

I am still ill, this is week 4 we're into now and the phlegm just keeps on coming, the cough is really irrating and I am blooming exhausted! Saturday was a glorious Autumn day, the sort that really makes you want to be outside skipping; crisp with deep blue skies and sunshine galore. But of course I had to stay inside and fill a bin with used hankies :(

Andrew though ventured forth to the lottie alone for the first time in weeks as he too has been ill. I decided to badger him into taking photos of everything and then interogated him afterwards so I could feel I was involved. Thus the next few wee updates will come from Andrew but through me :)

Andrew went with the purpose of getting the Garlic planted and harvesting some delicious crops for dinner, we were in desperate need for a homegrown, homemade lottie soup to soothe our souls.

Here is the view of 24a when he arrived. I personally don't think it's too bad after so much neglect just a little weedy and that grass - ggrrrr. Look at those lovley leeks and the chard in the background!

Well I saw a photo of Andrew planting the garlic but I have to put my hands up - like an great big idiot I have deleted it. It was a good photo too, but here is one from after the event where Andrew got some prickily branches and placed them over the bed to try and keep the birds away. I guess it's not a huge stretch to the imagination to think there are garlic cloves under there *shy smile*

Here, this will cheer us all up - a glorious harvest (and my belly is full of these ingredients right now as we have just had our second day of amazing allomtent soup!)

1st Parsnips and Jerusalem Artichokes

 Borlotti Beans

 A beautiful Leek and a Crown Prince Squash :)

And just to make your mouth water even more there was also butter beans, garlic and beef shin - yum!

I shall return with more of the story, more photos, a wee chat about the compost and Andrew's plans and dreams for the lottie :)



  1. wow!!
    The veggies and beans look so fresh!!

  2. Cider vinegar or salt water? I guess you've tried everything. Hope you are back to the lottie soon.

  3. Martyn made a sort of pumpkin pie from one of our Crown Princes and it was lovely - a photo is on his weather blog which links from my blog

  4. Four weeks?! I thought I was bad with my being sick for two weeks! I'm finally better and I hope you get better SOON too!

    The lottie is producing some amazing stuff :)

  5. Everything looks great to me.

    I can't work out which bed you are growing the beef shins in though?? ♡

  6. Thanks for the comments - I'm quite proud of the way the lottie has kept fighting on without us.
    I'm still really sick (can you believe this!) and we are away all weekend at a craft fair so the old lottie will have to wait yet again :(
    The cows 'grow' in another field meand2veg ;)


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