Thursday, 6 October 2011

Squished and Squashes

Tuesday night - you are so glad you weren't in my house, I had a breakdown. Uncontrollable crying for around an hour and desperate bashing of the noggin with my fist. It could not have been a pretty sight.

Wednesday - managed to get up and onto the sofa. Spent the day unable to speak or walk, think or type, read or listen. I was trapped, squished if you will,  inside a body I couldn't work with and a mind that kept telling me it was time to go. I guess you could say I was in a pretty bad way.

Today - slowly, I managed to get up, feed myself and do some housework :) Then I had a shower and did more housework :) My fingers were able to type the words that my mouth is still struggling so hard to say but at least I can express myself,  plus I did more housework :) I feel better than yesterday and this migraine is a walk in the park :) Plus the house is cleaner - yay go me!! Housewife of the week award.

Knock me down 7 times and watch me as I get up 8 times!

Look what is outside my patio doors  - isn't that a happy sight? This morning it made me smile inside, my face was frozen so you wouldn't have noticed but I was happy. Then this afternoon after all that rain it still made me smile - this time my mouth moved and I am feeling much more human :) Plus in that bed my dearest hubby has planted bulbs - those harbingers of hope!!!

We have snowdrops, crocuses and new to me - Summer Snowdrops!
"What!" you say.
"I know!" says I in return, "snowdrops in summer - yay!"

Pumpkins! (what a wonderful word, I may start using it as a curse word, I use those a lot these days) - okay 1 was stolen but look at all these babies and there are about 3 or 4 more :) I wish I had of drawn on at least one earlier in the year as a commenter mentioned 2 posts ago - genius. Just think, there could be a pumpkin out there smiling back at me, or sticking it's tongue out at me; I LOVE that idea - remind me next year!
Oh and seeds in the post from a lovely friend, Ann. She is very artistic and drew these beautiful floral packages herself! I am seriously impressed. Floral carpet seed bombing shall happen my friends - I will make this place glorious (we live just outside the limits of Eden Village- but we shall have many a bloom!)


  1. Today I was in Homebase and saw a leaflet grow your own pumpkins and thought don't know if I like pumpkin but the idea of growing them, I like! and I agree Pumpkin sounds good.

    Sorry to hear you have been having bad days, and that horrible weather doesn't help because it forces us to stay in and not out in the garden. :( ...which I need to get out into to collect rest of my seeds to one big last weeding and finally manage to plant the last of my bulbs all in one day aint going to happen but if it stays dry I might at least get a little bit done.

    Glad you like my packages, they would all get mixed up otherwise and I wanted to try and 'pretend' that im a little bit organised you want to see the huge piles i still have to sort out and try and remember what they are :S :P

  2. Yep, just keep getting back up every time you get knocked down. I so admire you for doing just that every single time :)

    And the place looks AWESOME!!! I love the different colored pumpkins :)

  3. I agree, Pumpkins! is a great curse word :)
    I was reading a Blog the other day where the kids draw their names on pumpkins so when they're ready to pick they know which belongs to them. It's a lovely idea.

  4. On TV I've heard the word pumpkin used as an endearment - I'm not sure I'd be impressed at being compared to something large, round and orange. We've harvested our squashes too but some are tiny due to lack of rain I suppose.

  5. Oh summer snowdrops, with green tips. Those are what I have! Your garden is coming on wonderfully.

    Thank you for your comments.

    Everyone has to grow pumpkins and draw something on it when it tiny - we could have a competition :)

    I think I shall just use the word pumkping more often, curse word, term of endearment, throw it into conversations randomly and see if people notice.....

  7. It's great that after such a tough time you can find joy in the little things, like plentiful pumpkins and the thought of the bulbs underneath the ground and they beauty they'll bring, some daffs would look great there as well! I planted crocus last year for the first time (I'm quite a young, inexperienced gardener) but they all came up beautifully and attracted bumble bees like mad (yes in Febuary/March) There's a specific kind that you can harvest the safron off and store for use in cooking as well.

    I love your friend's drawings on the seed packs, think I'll start doing that myself rather than having random envelopes everywhere and just hoping I'll be able to recognise the seeds when I go to plant them, that never works!

  8. Thinking of you, take care, Flighty xx

  9. What variety are those pupmkins? look like crown prince and something else?

  10. crown prince and chioggia squash and I think there's a 'jack-o-lantern' pumpkin there too

  11. Hope you are feeling better Carrie and what a great selection of pumpkins you have!

  12. More and more and more SMILES for you, dear Carrie!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are a tough girl, thank you for sharing your happy and tough moments... you make us feel it's always worth to enjoy those wonderful little things we encounter each day! It's those little things that tell us: "Life is wonderful"! :)

  13. Loved this!!!!!!!
    "Knock me down 7 times and watch me as I get up 8 times!"


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