Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Apples and things to do with them :)

All these gorgeous photographs and recipe ideas can be found on my Pinterest mood board 'Allotment food and drink'. http://pinterest.com/carrie_gault/allotment-food-and-drink/ They are not my own, I really must stress but belong to other blogs.

To find out more about any of them you just click on the photograph, the link embedded within it will lead you to the source page! But for now, just enjoy and imagine what you can do with your apple harvest. Yum

Not much happening on the lottie these days - so sorry. The weather is just awful, so miserable! But we are still eating gorgeous squashes so that cheers the soul. Next time I'll show you some inspirational squash recipes (I do like the sound of the one above - squash and apple, looks gorgeous!)



  1. An interesting way to use your Pinterest collection :) I found it though your link but haven't played much - I keep forgetting that I can Pin things :)

  2. I like apples, and apart from eating a crisp, juicy one most days I'm rather fond of apple and blackberry crumble!
    Pinterest is interesting, although I'm not doing much there yet.
    Flighty xx

  3. If the weather won't, thank goodness for blogs. And bloggers.

  4. I love the little hot apple cider cups carved from the apples in the second to last photo. Just brilliant, and adorable! Might have to borrow that...once our orchard grows up a little. We only harvested our first apples this year, but hopefully we'll have a lot more next year!


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