Saturday, 18 December 2010

A taste of summer in the depths of all this snow

So Andrew and Maggie were just 'talking' there about how they want it to snow more, hahaha. It's been snowing most of the day and we have had a mighty 3 inches (maybe only 2 but I want this to sound dramatic) - N. Ireland is in the grips of the biggest freeze in 25 yrs and if it continues in the same fashion over the rest of the month, one of our weathermen said it would be the coldest since records began (1910) wow!

So what is there to love about all this coldness apart from looking at the snow from the cosiness of the living room wrapped up in my blanket? I would really to prefer it to go away, it's pretty dull feeling stuck in the house at the weekend. However, I am loving this weather for one reason, one reason only - FOOD. Our squash, parsnips and scorzenera are seeing me through these dark, cold, dreary days when really all I want to do is go back to bed as soon as breakfast is over.

This utter beauty lasted us 3 weeks and goodness knows how many tasty dinner accompaniments. It was so sweet and we always roast ours - it makes it even better :) It has the fun name of  'Chioggia'.

The parsnips are amazing this year - HUGE and the extra cold = extra sweetness; they are so good that Andrew can barely get them out of the ground without them breaking in half. Okay the ground is dead hard but it's also because us Gaults have 'the gift' - it's fact - we grow good parsnips ;) No pictures as I don't want to make you so jealous that you come and find my lottie and steal them all, I'd understand why you did it but it would make be very sad and we wouldn't want that, would we.

A new and super exciting root veg grown this year was Scorzenera - yes, say it again, don't you sound posh!?? It's basically a black, long root that when you dig it up and peel it, cook it and stick it on a fork and into your mouth, tastes like parsnip! only not so parsnip-y. Yum

But last week I had a brainwave - granted, it does not take long for a wave to pass through my humble empty noggin but I think I hit upon a moment of shear genius - getting a jar of Lottie Strawberry Jam out of the cupboard and tasting a little of that sweet summer goodness. It has been a joy, I only allow myself a little every now and then to stretch the affair out but it is so worth it. :) What is a scone without a little teaspoonful of strawberry happiness ??? A sad scone - that's what.

Food = happiness in the winter :)


  1. It's snowing and settling here so I'm whiling away the morning reading warm posts like this!
    I prefer raspberry jam but hey who's quibbling, and a lovely dup of tea to go with it!
    Take care, and stay warm.Flighty xx

  2. We've been growing scorzonera for a few years. It has grow and flowered (bit like a tall dandelion) and looked a bit messy. I dug some up and to be honest didn't fancy the look of it so it was composted - sounds like a mistake but I'm sure there is a root or two still lurking on the plot somewhere - will have to wait til spring! Is it REALLY yummy?

  3. Scones are made for jam and cream and they look lovely. As are roasted parsnips and squash, you can't go wrong with either. We've had a couple of inches here fall in about 3 hours followed by lovely sunshine. Enjoy the veg!

  4. Flighty - I too prefer raspberry but hey any port in a storm :)

    GLA - honestly, no more composting the scorzonera - it's yummy!!!

    Damo - Oh now, whilst in England I had your cream tea scones and I simply couldn't eat it - what sort of cream was that!!! You could build houses with it - we use whipping cream if any. Us Norn Irish are simple people, hahaha

    Keep cosy guys - mwuagh x

  5. A girl after my own heart. I too dusted off a jar of straberry and will put some raspberries in the trifle in a couple of days time. i love those little reminders of summer. Can't dig the parsnips at the moment which is annoying I like to show them off to the in laws with the turkey. Not this year it seems unless the ground thaws dramatically.

  6. Allot of veg - hehe, isn't jam fab?! Also, if there is a possibility to show off one's veg, I would connect a series of extension leads from my house to the plot and get the hairdrier on that soil!!! Home grown parsnips are a must for your table :)


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