Thursday, 23 December 2010

Merry Christmas one and all

In a fit of insomniac induced madness I am up at the ungodly hour of 4.30am on the blasted internet, having just coloured my hair (which took and hour in itself). I just haven't been well of late and my sleeping patterns are all over the place which really isn't helping and is in fact making me feel much worse - not only mentally but my double vision is just unbearable when I am tired.
So why do I come here? I have no interesting news other than my hair is now 'maghonaghy/dark auburn' and the house is freezing. I come here to write my last post before Christmas. I need a break, time to myself, time to try my darnest to cope with Christmas, get through it, enjoy it?? and see you all on the other side.

I've been too ill mentally to even see my friends and so I continue the legacy of finding this time of year the worst to deal with. I can only fake so many smiles before I crumble and each day feels like a marathon.
So my darlings.. here is my 'Christmas Card' to you; may you all have a joyful, peaceful Christmas holiday and come out on Boxing Day with your sanity intact ;)


  1. Thanks Carrie - must admit I like to get to the other side too!

  2. Merry Christmas to you Carrie, Andrew, Maggie and Mama G. Have a lovely one and I hope the New Year brings you peace, health, smiles and love.
    I think my Christmas is going to be full of surprises at the Centre where I am volunteering for the homeless in London on Christmas day. They cater for up to 200 'guests' and then there are all us volunteers and entertainers etc, so it will be buzzing. Then I'll have my family Christmas on 26th.
    Love M xx

  3. I sympathise as I don't find this time of year easy either!
    Never mind let's think of sunny days to come. Flighty xx

  4. Merry Christmas, I guess it will be a white one. Cheers ....
    ~bangchik and kakdah

  5. Hope the coping is going well. My best wishes for you. Merry Christmas.

  6. Well, I hope you're here on the other side of Christmas, Carrie. I think I barely got through it m'self. Sometimes I feel like the Grinch and his bag of humbugs, or however that whole thing works. Bleh!

    Seriously though, I hope you're okay. Looking forward to another year of blogging with my favourite bloggers (and that includes you!).

    You ought to dye your hair magenta next time! ;)

  7. Hi Carrie, I hope you survived Christmas. I had the most amazing time at the CRISIS for Christmas homeless centre in London and can't wait to volunteer next year again. I am thinking of you and hoping that the water problem hasn't effected your home. I will be phoning my family later on today to see if they are effected. What a dreadful situation, I hope that it all gets sorted soon.
    M xx

  8. Carrie girl I just realized you weren't on my blog roll (after the big switch-a-roo with name) and just now finally captured you again : )
    Hope you are feeling a bit brighter .. I am writing an e-mail !!!
    Joy : )

  9. Hello Carrie,
    Here's hoping Christmas held some joy for you...and that you are feeling well these days. Sending you lots of good wishes for a New Year ahead filled with the people and things you love...and of course, for peace of mind. Take care sweetie.


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