Thursday, 7 May 2015

I've missed you so much

There is simply too much to catch up on and I don't know where to begin. See previous post! My latest write ups have been eaten by Blogger and are in some sort of terrible blog post purgatory *sad face*

So all my photos are way out of date and things have moved on. So I shall try to put my faith in the 'save' button and go take photos of the greenhouse exploding with seedlings and try to find some sort of recent pics of the plots. Thank you for your patience x

At 24a everything is going grand and we shall find that we are eating loads of Purple Sprouting Broccoli (not complaining!), the garlic is continuing to do fabulously, there are blossoms on the apple trees and blueberry bushes and carrots have just emerged their sweet little heads from the soil. Sadly our newly planted out broad beans suffered with a freak -3 degrees night battering but I have hope from the yet.

purple sprouting broccoli - ''

The rhubarb is still delicious, the asparagus crowns were all planted (you missed out on that story),
dogwoods have been planted, the plants in the edible forest are settling in and my 2 flower beds are coming on great. We just need more hours in the days ans more days in the week.
14b - ''

Plus I have been a bad ass grass cutting machine and have finally, painfully managed to push my little rotary mower through the tangled mass behind 14b and now all our access paths are workable. Hoorah, safety on the plots :)

At home we are coming down with seedlings as I mentioned and we even got one of those greenhouse automatic ventilation things.
seedlings - ''
Just a tiny amount of the many many seedlings there are around here!
The beech hedge is going great, as is the maple - hoorah for colour! Round the corner I am delighted to say that the wisteria is going to be covered in flowers this year for the first time, oh, we can't wait.
new growth in the back garden - ''

That, I think shall do for now, not least because it has taken ages to get the photos to work but because Blogger may well decide to eat this too, ggrrr!

Hugs and love to you all
C xx


  1. I'm glad Blogger didn't eat this one, but I imagine some of it might have tasted Yummy:~)

    The lotty looks very good and I'm pleased to see the pictures. Other than Blogger problems, I hope all is well in your world:~)

  2. Yuck on the blog post eating but YAY for all of those seedlings!! It looks like a magical heaven in your garden friend!! Can't wait to see that wisteria!!! Have a great day! Nicole xo

  3. Sorry you've had horrible blog problems. Lovely to see plot progress though, and I particularly love the beech hedge, one of my favourite things. CJ xx

  4. Wisteria, I look forward to that.

  5. Oh, good! I'm actually glad Blogger has been eating your posts as I've been worried that you were in a bad place. The plot is looking quite nice and based on your "I built a bench" post I went looking for Keter products and low and behold they are available in the US! So many of the things that are available in the UK for gardening are either not available here or cost an arm and a leg. Love the beech hedge!

  6. Everything is coming along beautifully :)

    I'm missing my garden right now, the Realtor emailed me that the lilac smells great, not helping :(

    Wishing you well and fun planting, Cheers, T. :)

  7. Oh dear now you have me worried whether my posts start to be eaten! Everything is starting to be out of the starting blocks now,

  8. So nice to see you again, Carrie. Sorry about Blogspot woes -- losing posts is NOT RIGHT!

    Those first emerging colors of spring are precious, aren't they? You'll have to tell me more about your garlic. My aunt just gave me a few plantings and I'm hoping not to kill them. It looks like the greenhouse is working perfectly as your seedlings appear so healthy.

    A shame I can't send you a few packets of lady bugs ;-) Yes, they do well them here, as well as praying mantids.

  9. How annoying when that happens, so let's hope that all is well from now on.
    Everything is looking, and sounding, good with lots to look forward to over the coming months.
    Take care, and happy gardening, Flighty xx

  10. I love your pictures! The seedlings look lovely, so promising! I am endlessly envious of your broccoli, mine are still seedlings and not doing particularly well. My beans have been decimated by slugs before they even sprouted, I have about three seedlings now :)


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