Tuesday, 10 June 2014

blood like treacle - a simple catch up of sorts

Over the last few weeks I feel as though my blood has turned to treacle, there is a layer in and around my brain and I simply can't think without being utterly exhausted. My vision isn't even good, more wildly double, with lights flashing in the corners. I think I have been going through another long, laboured break down and well, I'm basically not feeling so great.

I haven't been to the allotment since the 1st of the month and on that day I didn't even take my camera, just took a few shots with my phone. There are some in the May folder I never did get around to sharing - those of how well 24a was doing. Maybe I will put a map and story together this week but honestly I can't promise anything.

So to ease my frustrations with this big pancake batter of a brain, dripping with treacle and these heavy hands and eye lids I am going to fight until I have a record of some of the general beauty that's over there in our space. I really want to share them, it makes the whole thing 'real' to me.

Here are the brightest, most interesting ones from back on May 31st

Little nature loving Maggie with her eyes closed and beard flowing in the breeze; A big clump of mushrooms from the horse manure we had around the raspberries; blueberries coming!; 2 slightly different versions of the California poppy, on the same plant; underside of a mushroom - they are so unusual...

Here are the ones I took with my phone the day after -
Broad beans - so many healthy plants; super poorly honeysuckle - yuck; a net cage around the precious blueberries :) and my stunning purple huge poppy (thanks to my bestie, Rosemary)

I even did some 'proper' gardening and thinned out the beetroot, every other one (Andrew says they are huge now and I can do it again), I was happy to do more than weeding (thanks to not working so much on 14b) I wanted to have a treat but all I had were dog biscuits, so... Maggie got my treat :)

I'll try to write again on Thursday, oh lordy, I feel so behind! Plus on top of developments on the plot I have some gorgeous photos of a National Trust garden Andrew took me to on Sunday there - a real head clearer..and Maggie was so happy!

Love and hugs - may your potatoes be blight free!!
Carrie xxx


  1. Sending you a hug friend.....these photos sure do make it real! They are gorgeous! And that poppy is amazing! You take care of yourself! Nicole xoxoxoxo

  2. Don't worry about being behind, Your blog is something you do when you want to 0 it;s not compulsory and no-one else knows if you are 'behind'.

  3. I hope things improve for you soon Carrie, I can see how hard you are fighting this. You have some lovely photos there, and I'm glad you're not spending all of your time weeding now that you're concentrating on your better plot. The picture of Maggie taking her little biscuit is adorable, she's such a cutie. Wishing you blight free potatoes too, CJ xx

  4. Go easy on yourself!!! You give yourself so much grief and you don't deserve it. Write when you can. I'll be here...well, I know I'm late this time, but I took my own break:~) It was a good one and as bloggers, we often need breaks:~)

    Regarding the pictures, I love the underside of the mushroom. I mean I liked them all, but that one is so cool:~)

  5. Beautiful photos, Carrie!!! I hope you feel better soon!
    Sending big hugs from Rhodes! :)

  6. Blog as and when. Let it be a kindness to you, and a gift to us.


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