Wednesday, 25 June 2014

4th Happy Days Collage

It's been a while hasn't it! Boy, I've been up to lots of stuff and none of it allotment related but I thought I'd share anyway cause I love reading about other people's lives on their blogs when it's truly about them and not the usual subject :)

Andrew had a week off for holidays there which was lovely and happily coincided with a mini heatwave here in good old N. Ireland. We were for heading off to Rhodes but decided against it and it was really and truly the right decision for us, no question. There was lots of sleeping in for Andrew; sitting in the sun reading (and for me, sewing); we visited a couple of National Trust sites and celebrated our 9th Wedding Anniversary!

More about all that stuff in the next few days... First, I really wanted to keep up with my #100happydays project. I may miss a day or two here and there but on the whole I think I'm keeping up pretty good. I'm on day 87 today, but here's the 4th installment for you - 61 to 80 :)

#100HappyDays 61-65 - '' ~ an allotment blog
61 - Maggie just not wanting to get out of bed today.  62 - Damn you woman! Cutting my hair without even a warning...though i look HOT! Still, there best be biscuits in this for me....  63 - Found a lovely old anniversary card today in one of our 'random' drawers  64 -  Feels great when you get the washing dried outside :)  65 - solar light up eyes Scottie dog....anyone else creeped out?!

#100HappyDays 66-70 - '' ~ an allotment blog
66 - A little bunch of early summer  67 - A bank of these beauties seen on our walk today. 68 - The most utterly delicious cherries ever are being eaten this day!! Yum  69 -Yum yum yum (biscuit)  70 - I'm nuts about fruit and nuts :)

#100HappyDays 71-75 - '' ~ an allotment blog
71 - Goodbye crappy old hi-fi.....your time is up 72 - Water lilies, ferns and irises 73 - A little bit of tongue out action today :) 74 - Trying to get back into sewing after 6 month break. Hands are so shaky! 75 -Obviously the lay out of Dunluce castle, town and gardens :)

#100HappyDays 76-80 - '' ~ an allotment blog
76 - So sleepy but still trying to keep watch for 'daddy' to come home :) 77 -Maggie loves to snooze in the shade after overseeing the garden work 78 - Fruity punch on such a lovely day :) 79 - Sewing outside in the sun....ahhhh 80 - Hadskis is awesome!

So more to come and a photo of our first harvest too - yay!
Love and hugs


  1. I really enjoy the100 happy days project. The pictures are wonderful and it's like, through them, I can get glimpse of your days and what you felt was good in that day. Yes, the solar eyed Scottie is a bit creepy. I imagine even more so at night:~) I loved # 76 -- that's a picture you should frame! The water lilies were also very nice.

    All in all, it sounds like your holiday was a nice time had by all. Sometimes staying close to home is the best holiday for relaxing. I am also glad you are picking up the sewing again!

    I look forward to seeing the gardens and have they've grown!

  2. Yes I did find the solar eyes freaky!

  3. Lol, I bet you fell in love with "that crappy old Hi-fi when you first had it ;)

  4. Looks beautiful in every way friend! And there is so much color in your photos! A very happy anniversary to you both! This is a great project...I should really try doing something like this! I hope you have a great week! Nicole xo

  5. I'm loving these little snap shots of happiness. To stop and appreciate a happy moment is a great idea. From the seemingly mundane, first washing dried outside, through to the rediscovered Anniversary card. Each picture will conjure up a bigger picture, packed with warm feelings, laughter and love.
    And when a bad day comes along, you know it will pass - the proof is there to see.

    Keep capturing those moments Carrie x

  6. how is Maggie? She looks chirpy.

  7. I love seeing Miss Maggie in each of these sets. She is such a good companion. Yum! Fruit punch looks so refreshing.


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