Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A milestone (a fairly straight up post I doubt anyone will read)

Within a few days either side of this date I will have celebrated the very first blog post I ever wrote (10th August 2010), my 700th post (this very one) and my birthday in a few days!I think it's times like this, when one is confronted with milestones, though small, what we start to question the purpose of things. I know I tend to overthink and thus am reflecting possibly a little too much...

I started this blog as a sort of journal for Andrew and I to watch our progress with the new allotment adventure we were undertaking; scrapbooking photos and trying to write a journal was exhausting. I never thought that it would be live to the world to see, I thought you had to choose weather you let people in or not. Blogger was terribly confusing for a first timer and I learnt things the hard way and goodness knows how awful, how basic, how unsavvy I once was. 700 posts later and I am happy enough to share our progress and the terrible failures with anyone who cares to look.

I have used this platform to talk about my mental illnesses, there have been large gaps in my writings (a big no no if you want to keep people interested, supposedly) but then this is a real blog, not for profit not to get praise and endorsements, it's just about me. I've had a recent meltdown in fact that has lead me to be tardy with everything in life until I could get to the point of trying again. During that time I have been asked by 5 different companies to guest blog for them on their websites - sorry but no can do, I don't take on pressure and I do not wish to be famous.

Andrew and I had a sit down and talked about it and 14b is going to go this year. We give up. The weed situation is too much to handle and we would instead love to concentrate on our lovely 24a and make it the best damn wee plot ever! I guess we're growing up and seeing that smaller done better is more rewarding than bigger though unmanageable.

The big ole mystery, the age old question is answered for you ....Why are we here??  (I confess to being particularly concerned with this during my meltdown.) Well I'm not sure where Douglas Adams' no.42 comes into it but I know now, it is just to enjoy yourself, don't hurt others (except maybe aphids and slugs etc!) and stop worrying!!
Photo credit/copyright : Skarpiagirl 
With love and a hope to post lots of harvest photos soon as I'm well enough xx


  1. Of course people will come and read your post, Carrie.

    As for guest posts I used to write for Fennel and Fern which committed me first to weekly posts and then monthly. I gave that up as I had to write in a style that suited them and also things things I wanted to write about I wanted to post on my blog. So I gave up after a long while - as you say it just ended up being a chore.

    I get lots of requests to take guest posts from others but I feel that this would take away the personal element of my blog. I do accept these for my blog for schools as this is more an info blog than a reflection of me.

    Well done anyway for sticking at it!

  2. Of course people will read this post!
    Well done of the blogging milestones, and here's an early Happy Birthday!
    I think that you've made a sensible decision about concentrating on one plot, and smaller done better is certainly what I shrive to do.
    Take care, Flighty xx

  3. Congratulations on your 700th post. You are awesome. Glad to say you're one of the reasons I'm here. Let's keep squishing bugs together for 700 more x.

  4. Glad to see a post from you. Happy early birthday :) and I sincerely hope things get better soon.

  5. I hope your birthday goes well and the harvest goes equally as well. Congratulations on the 700th post, a milestone indeed and I have been enjoying reading you along the way. Here's to many many more x

  6. 700 posts, 3 years, wow, that's quite an achievement Carrie, well done you. A great post, and I think a good decision to concentrate on one plot.

  7. one dedicated and happy lottie - yes! And a very happy birthday when it comes/came.

  8. Congratulations on all your milestones, sweet Carrie! :) I love your blog, and I love knowing you!!! :)
    Many many more happy posts to come!!!

  9. Well, you've certainly made this a place to share your highs and lows. I'm glad you and Andrew made a decision about focusing on 24a. My roomie used to say how much she'd like a lot of property to plant and experiment -- with one caveat: staff!

    Oh, and happy birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday Carrie. Have a lovely day.

  11. Yes, still reading here too and happy for you that you're finding a balance. Makes total sense to focus on doing the one plot well than struggling with two. x

  12. Hi Carrie,
    I am here reading and enjoying xx the good and the bad... I get the bad too xxx
    I admire your honesty and to stay true to you x
    I had three allotments once! A garden and a field of cut flowers to look after, must of been mad!!!!!
    Nicola x

  13. Carrie,

    Congratulations on everything you have accomplished. You are amazingly talented from your photography to your crafts to your "green thumb."

    I am glad you have shared about your health issues. As a "high anxiety" person, I do understand the struggle, but I've seen your strength; you might be down, but you always find your way back up!

    Blogging is such an eye-opening experience, isn't it. You get to the point where it seems overwhelming and then, you miss it -- the people, the joy of just saying what you want to say and the opportunity to share with others from over the world.

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Keep writing (and sharing those lovely photos). I've grown attached to visiting you and your special blog:~)

  14. 700 post is something to be proud of...a great milestone! I know how tough it is to battle through depression so good for you and give yourself a deserve it!

  15. Well I'm back after a few weeks off myself and judging by the comments loads of other people are reading your blog and why wouldn't they! Know what you mean about doing smaller better as I'm making the decision to reduce my "veg growing empire" myself this Autumn and concentrate on what I have in the home garden and one or two projects. Looking forward to seeing the harvest photos!

  16. Hi Carrie, just discovered your beautiful blog. I too take solace in my allotment - I love your 'allotmentherapy' idea.


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