Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Berry Boastful :)

Looking back on the photos for this post I can't help but feel a little down. It was 2 Saturday's ago when these were taken and we had the best day at the lottie - look at the sunshine so apparent in the pictures (though often it was very overcast); today is the 1st of August and it has done nought but rain and rain heavy all day today. Anyway - I do have some hope that we shall get our Indian Summer. Hope, we must grab on it with both hands!

So here is my boasting bit. Oh yes, behold and feast your eyes upon these fantastic statistics, the weight of fruit I harvested:

Raspberries ~ just a small bag half full
Red Gooseberries ~ 1kg 600g
Green Gooseberries ~ 200g
Blackcurrants ~ 2kg 50g

Darn it all to heck though, as we haven't done a darn thing with it all, bar eating the raspberries, it merely sits in the crisper drawer in the fridge - so really I have no reason upon which to boast ~ shameful!

I took this particular photo because I was really scraped to bits all up my arms and through my gloves by these thorns. I thought there was a great proverb just waiting to be written about this, you know, how the sweetest rewards come only through getting hurt along the way, but I can't think of how to say it all posh, I'm not that clever but the lesson stands..... :)

We lifted the last of the early potatoes as well and cut the artichoke heads off - a nice wee gift for Mamma G, I hate them and she loves them = good swap for a homebaked wheaten, yummmmmmm.

We also got the 1st of our peas - look how carefully they were carried by Andrew - we love fresh peas.

Funny though, so does someone else and the smell of them was driving her crazy - leave alone with them for a minute in the back seat (our own stupid fault) and this was the result. Oh she knew she had been bold, hahahaha.
One of the most beautiful things on the allotment (in my humble opinion) are tendrels on pea plants, I just love them.


  1. a lot of us in the south east had potato blight with the terrible summer looks like you were ok, love the photos by the way especially the rose on the blueberries, David

  2. Hope Maggie will let you share the next pea harvest. I could happily eat my way thru a heap of freshly shelled peas. Mostly I end up with a portion of sugarsnaps. It's the thought that counts, but Maggie got a better deal.

  3. Hi carrie, good to hear all about yourself and your plot. Your wee dog is soooo sweet! I didn't know they ate peas. I lost my entire crop of redcurrants in 24 hrs to birds, not funny. Good to see all your berries. What about making jam? There is a gorgeous cupcake recipe by sarah raven using blackcurrants, you'd love it.

  4. Who knew Maggie would love peas, too! My favorite jam is currant -- will you make some with your 2kg?

  5. Oh David you went and said the 'b' word and now I remember Andrew said during the week there that our other spuds have it! :(

    Diana ~ I think it's the fact that she got there first is the real rub, haha. We all love peas and beans in this house :) Yumm

  6. Suzie ~ I do so love birds but darn it if I don't get annoyed when they get all the good stuff first. This will be the 3rd year in a row that I will be thwarted and end up Blueberry-less, I can feel it!

    Suzie & Nikki ~ jam it is! I need o get making :) ohhh yummy

  7. We once had a dog that sat by us when we were podding peas just so she could chew the pods. She chewed until the juicy bits were gone and then spat them out!

  8. Ooh ouch! I just read Monday's post about your horrible fall. Falling over when you are an adult is no joke at all is it. Kids fall over, rub the sore, maybe whimper for 30 seconds, then carry on and forget all about it. If I had a fall I think I would take to my bed for a week feeling incredibly sorry for myself. Hope the pains are receding now. big love xxx Lynda

  9. Summer is finally here.. sort of.. you could make a Summer Pudding with all those lovely berries.


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