Sunday, 26 August 2012

A Tea Garden for the soul

Thank goodness it's today, that's all I can say. Well, it isn't really, I have quite a lot to say in fact and I am glad to be back and in the bosom of my little Blog. I have had a horrendous week, okay the house did not burn down, no one died, I had food and water but I also had a very nasty breakdown - very nasty
breakdown indeed.

Yesterday I thought it was all over and I was all better but no my mind has other ideas. I even texted my best friend and told her all was well - haha - the world always has a plan and we aren't even consulted. So I has spent a week unable to talk, walk, read or write properly and it has been a quiet and lonesome hell.
Today I am out in my garden :) I am showered and fresh, I have a warm coffee by my side and the sun on my face, Maggie is attacking random leaves that to her pose some threat to us all (thank you Maggie) and Andrew is reading. I can hear a lawnmower yes but that only started up (shakes fist) but other than that I was basking in the sun with the soft trickle of our new water feature as the only sweet and dreamy sound......

I honestly can't remember when I last showed you our back garden, our absolutely fabulous, hand designed, hand-made-by-my-hubby back garden. But things have moved on a pace very recently so I know this shall excite you AND I have photos :)

Flowers and glorious growth on all the plants over the past couple of months.

The water feature adventure ~

It started with the lifting of the patio (I swear we didn't kill anyone or anything and bury it, it was totally as seen in these photos) and the laying of conduit for the pumps, yes plural - we have another surprise waiting in the wings. Rocks we have gathered from all over the place, favourite beaches up and down the Antrim coast.

He drilled a hole in my house wall! Dear God this was a little scary but I trust him, cough cough.
 And .....

So now we edge ever closer to the completed Tea Garden of the Soul, only a couple more things to do and then we sit back and watch it grow :)


  1. who needs to go down the allotment? Congratulations to Andrew! You haven't shown us your garden since it was still a work in progress. The trees were just bare sticks. That peaceful bubbling fountain, with treasured memories of beach walks ... oh yes!

  2. The water feature looks great! Are you going to sit up on the tall structure in the background and survey everything from up there?

  3. It's beautiful. I wish I could do that in my garden but I just don't have the money. I love Japanese gardens and am trying to aspire to get mine to look like one. It's taking a long time.

  4. I'm so impressed. That you're back enjoying the garden, that Andrew made such a terrific water feature, that you have such lovelies in the garden to enjoy.

  5. Good to know you're feeling ok, and, flipping hell; that's an amazing looking back garden in prospect! Enjoy it!

  6. The sound of running water in a garden is just so relaxing. You can't beat it!


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