Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Some pretty photos, just because it's lovely today

These have been taken over the weekend and I think one of two were supposed to be blogged last week after the St Paddy's post but I forgot - oops. Please do enjoy......

one of the outbuildings up at Gleno (farmers shop/hardware shop/ grocery shop)

Purple Sprouting Broccoli - yay (this was gobbled up)
 Sunday and Sunday

Plum Blossom (fingers crossed for a  harvest this year)

happy two tone daff

rhubarb forcing it's way out of the forcer (so to speak)

more happiness, in purple :)
I'm in love with this guy

My bouquet of double daffs and purple tulips - patio doors open, chairs out = bliss
part of our back garden in the sunshine :)


  1. Hope for another glimpse of your blissful back garden. Is your meditation corner working with you?

  2. Sweet dear Diana - the garden is starting to take shape. Of course we are thinking of moving things and need extra things done (always the mind is ticking away). But it is beautiful and we have had to eat outside the last 2 nights :) xx

  3. What great spring time pictures, I can just feel the spring in your step through these pictures and words! I am very envious of your purple sprouting - I must get it planted at the right time this year!!! Enjoy your garden

  4. Ah Rae - it's a good close up on a very small piece of Purple sprouting - we aren't really that fab at growing it but at least this year we are getting some. Ohhh last year.... those pesky pigeons!

  5. Happiness indeed...I love the purple Tulips...Pretttty!

  6. I am looking forward to warmer weather so we can eat outside too.

  7. Our rhubarb is ready to be picked today. I use a shelter around the rhubarb plant and that works really well. But I am tempted by a real rhubarb forcer.

  8. Thank you Vetsy xx I love tulips so much! They really let you know Spring is here.

    Keewee - not much better than sitting outside eating, feels like holidays :)

    Beep Pocock - I LOVE YOUR NAME! We weren't going to be then a colleague of my hubby's didn't need his anymore and sold it to us. Thought we were getting it cheap but it was full price - hahaha. I love them, every weekend the stems are pushing the top off and it looks so pretty all year round x

  9. Hello Dear Carrie !
    I am sorry I have not been here lately myself .. so much going on here .. my brain has gone up in smoke ? LOL
    These are lovely shots and your patio is going to look awesome this year and YES ! fingers crossed for the harvest of plums: )
    The weather here has been so strange my poor garden has no idea what to do next .. I have so much planned it will be a miracle if I can get it all done .. fingers crossed for that one ! LOL
    Take care dearheart .. there is always sunshine around the corner so hold on to that !
    Joy : )

  10. Lovely photos, I especially like the yellow tulips and the plum blossom. Flighty xx

  11. Bliss indeed, Carrie. So many cheery scenes from your garden and home. Don't you wish springs discovers would go on year-round?

  12. Blue sky! colour! Spring! Yippee!

  13. Doesn't blue sky cheer everything up!

  14. Loving your blog! Your photo's are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Love this flower and plant visit:~)

    I like the "happy two tone daff" and the "rhubarb forcing way out of the forcer." But all the pictures were lovely and make me glad you're having a flower rich Spring so I enjoy it too.

    Oh, the first picture...I love how the clouds look like giant waves about to tumble in the blue:~)

    Happy day to you, Carrie:~)

  16. trekking your blog!!! im just imagining the whole garden... beautiful! :-)



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