Thursday, 22 December 2011

Warm Winter Wishes

It's really just been so unlike me. I haven't been able to string a sentence together for ages and my poor blog has been suffering so much. You will have no idea how often I open up this laptop, come to this page and just can't think of anything to say. My depression has reached an all time low this Winter and as today is the Winter Solstice I am fighting back. And would you look at this link - 2012 is going to be a good year! Though in saying that if we believe the Mayans and their calculations this is also going to be the apocalypse, erm, Yay! eek

So another year draws to it's ultimately anticlimactic end. Yes at the moment all the children are super duper excited about their presents and what Santa will bring, us grown ups are slightly nervous about the Christmas family dinner being perfect and everyone liking their gifts and then of course we'll all eat too much and feel fat and then there's New Years' Eve to consider...

I warn you now I am the original Scrooge - bah humbug to the lot of it.

As you know dear, lovely readers, I have been having a most difficult time. Christmas does not help. I am not one for the forced jollity, the socialising, the drinking and I get no sense of religious wonderment either. To me it is just a time to rub noses in the dirt, a time of 'look what we have and what you don't', spoilt children, an over abundance of food (and that gets thrown out), worry about bills, and the memory of loved ones lost. Yes, my depression and anxiety does not realise it the holidays and take itself off for a few weeks to Spain.

Andrew and I will have each other and that is all I care about. Mamma G will be cooking and hopefully not too stressed. We will all eat Lottie grown Parsnips (the bestest in the world) and I shall have a glow in my tummy because they taste so good. Our Carrots were a disaster! and we forgot to plant Sprouts (hahaha - oh dear!)

I was at the Lottie by the way. Well I couldn't actually get to it as we bounced down the crater filled road and had to park in a small lake of what looked like cold tea. Turns out that even though I haven't been well enough to go there alone, I couldn't anyway - I would be on my face, the road is so bad it is dangerous. I'm really a bit angry about it. Then, naturally there are people who refuse to listen and will drive their cars right down to their sheds and so the ground is all ruts and pits, ready to catch me out again.

Did I already say Bah Humbug?? No?! Well BAH bloomin' HUMBUG!

I am not going to end this on a sour note, oh no. I have gathered together all my resolve and I am using it to ignore Winter and focus on Spring. Spring shall once again conquer over this season and I shall be reborn. So from me, from Andrew and from Maggie - Happy Holidays and may 2012 bring with it much joy, hope, health and good growing to you all.

I thank you most humbly and most honestly with all my heart for sharing  2011 with me.

 Kisses to everyone xxxx


  1. I wish you a peaceful and green growing New Year. May the sun shine kindly on you. And may we have a little of your Irish rain please?

  2. Hello again. Sorry to hear you've had a tough winter so far; my husband has too. More light from now on!

  3. Happy Hols, Carrie and Andrew. All the best for 2012. Enjoy those parsnips. Steve, Liverpool

  4. Hi Carrie,

    I'm sorry to hear you're having a difficult time. Unfortunately Christmas is very difficult for many people and I don't think the media give this a thought. We are saturated with the idea of a perfect Christmas which I guess few people actually achieve. it is New Year that I am less of a fan of. The idea that somehow a new year starting will make a difference. It is just another day after all. Still the bright twinkling lights on my tree and my roaring log fire fill me with cheer.

    I wish you and Andrew all the best. It hopefully won't be too long before we see some snowdrops pushing through and we can start buying our seed potatoes and sowing some seeds. Wellywoman x

  5. I am a BAH humbug person too - I am just happy once the 'festive' season is over. Too many sad memories as you say and a dread that something bad is just waiting to happen over Christmas as it has so many times in the past.

    So even without being ill it can be a really bad time of the year for many people.

    On the bright side once it is over and done with - spring is on its way and there is lots to look forward to!

  6. Take care, and have a lovely Christmas! Flighty xx

  7. Oh I'm such a silly girl - you have helped me through this difficult year and just seeing these comments has made me cry bucket loads - thank you everyone for your encouragement and support x

  8. Not a big fan of Christmas either... I just escaped to my mom's quiet little house in the mountains, my little paradise away from it all! The starry nights make me see the beauty it's sometimes hard to see in these hectic days (the city was crazy today!). Here it's just Nature, the stars, Beauty.
    And... after Christmas... it's me and my Love!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

    My warmest wishes to you, dear Carrie!!!!!!
    Thank you for being part of my 2011! :)
    Big hugs!

  9. I love the weather of yours, a continuous expectation of different thing every few months. That yellow bud about to appear is nice..., slowly taking off its thin transparent dress... seductive indeed! Merry Christmas to you Carrie and Andrew.....

  10. Hi Carrie, how sensible to take the time to value what you have at this time and to ignore the commercial hullabaloo. Am doing the same after a hectic year, just me and my boy relaxing together, nice chicken pie stuffed with Veg Patch veggies being thankful for the simple things in life. Like you, looking forward to spring and starting off new things in the garden. Following you on Pinterest as find your artists eye very inspirational! Best wishes for a happy heart. Caro xx

  11. Hope you have a great 2012 Carrie, spring is not far away now. I can't wait to grow more veg next year and get the barby out a bit more hopefully - sun please shine!!


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