Friday, 15 October 2010

Our Wee Walk

This is the joy of living on the development limit. We walk out of our little development, turn left and we're in the countryside :) There is an empty field beside us and then the next one is full to the brim of cabbages and sheep, hahaha. Walking up the road to the left of this field usually called The Tongue Loanen and all you see are trees and berries (and sloes, wink wink) and fields everywhere. The only thing is an odd car, the electricity pillions and the sound of gun shot - pheasant hunting season seems to have started in Dobb's Land to the right of the road.

Here's a few pictures I took, click to make it larger and I hope to share more of this beautiful countryside with you throughout the seasons.

A great big mwuah and a hug to you all - happy weekend xxx


  1. That's a lovely Autumn mix of pictures Carrie - now, let me guess, what are you planning with those sloes?

    Rosie x

  2. Presume the sheep strayed into the cabbages!

  3. Oh dear Rosie - I blush as you know me too well, hahaha

    No the sheep have been there all season I think the farmer must have decided to feed them cabbage - maybe it will make them tastier, haha!

  4. You can call it your outside garden,which you enjoy all the time and won't have to do any weeding...lucky you! Flighty xx

  5. Hi Carrie, it's beautiful, I love N.I. Co Down is where my family are from and I just love the Mourne Mountains, lucky you living in such a lovely place.
    Having said that I forget sometimes just how beautiful the surrounding villages are here in Hampshire.
    I hope you three are settling into your new home and surroundings.
    M xxxx

  6. Carrie girl I was just in the middle of an e-mail to you but I popped over here to see what was going on and WOW! .. you are in the country and it is BEAUTIFUL !!! I am so happy for you and a wee bit jealous .. I would love this area too : )
    Wonderful college girl !!

  7. You live in a lovely place. When my husband and I lived in the country (his parent's place) we had sheep. My husband was gone working for most of the time, and I was home with the sheep! I would talk to them, and even rode one at one point---I know, sounds pretty desperate, right? The lambs were really fun when first born--they actually smelled good!


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