Monday, 4 October 2010

the new house

So we are between homes, mostly in the the new one but a lot of our stuff is here in Mamma's where we also come everynight for a chat and and a
wee go on the net (we haven't got an address yet!!! so no phone, therefore no internet....)

It has been quite the nightmare move to be honest. The estate agent, the developer, the architects, the builders - no one seems to know what they are doing (and in most cases, they are darn right uninterested in helping us sort it all out - not the builders, they're lovely). We moved into a house that wasn't finished on Monday last and a list of 40 snags, which were just the ones to start with :( Not the happy day we were hoping for to say the least. The builders and contractors only left on Wednesday dinner time and there are still things to be done and of course the all important address to find out - really it's like the blind leading the blind. To put it into perspective, I haven't even taken photos of the work we have done and the colour I have managed to get on the wall, the new bed, the carpet and the floor Andy laid - I just haven't been feeling myself at all. So I got this photo taken today for this blog just so you get an idea of the house.

Four people have completed but we are the only ones living in our house, everyone else just has too much to do to and are getting people in to lay floors and then they come and do a little painting in the evening etc. Therefore we have the noise of the builders all day and utter silence, deafening silence at night - it's a little different to what we're used to; I think if Maggie and her cuteness wasn't there we would be running for the hills ;)

Tomorrow is my first day there alone as Andrew goes back to work and in a way I am looking forward to it, but mostly I'm a little nervous (I am such a little girl!) . At least I have loads of paint in the house and can keep myself very busy indeed.

I have some 'before' shots of the rooms but I'm not going to put any up until I have some sort of 'after' to go with them, which is almost ready to be done for the living room and master bedroom.

I miss you all terribly and want to sit for a couple of days and catch up with all your stories but I just can't so I'll have a quick glance around and maybe get enough time to leave a message - major hugs and I dearly hope we get ourselves on the net soon and I can be part of the gang again :)

Excuse the mess of my hair and clothes and Maggie isn't groomed (shame on me) but this is real life, welcome to our house x


  1. Oh joy! You are In! And it looks delightful. Never mind the snag list, there is always something, after a while you decide to live with ... Longing for your internet to be up, and more pictures ;>)

  2. Wow Carrie your house looks really nice, I am liking those windows! Look forward to seeing the interior which I'm sure will be beautifully decorated with all your creative skills. Lx

  3. Hi Carrie and Andrew, congratulations on your move to your beautiful new house. I'm sorry to hear about all the troubles and I hope they all get sorted out soon.
    I can't wait to see how you put your personal touches to it, and make that house into a home.
    Love to you both
    Maureen xxx

  4. Looks lovely with nice big windows to let in light! We are soon to embark on a round of deciorating but not until after we have all our windows replaced next week

  5. Congratulations on finally getting in there: sure it will all be fab.

    Are you wearing pink rabbit shaped slippers in that picture, by any chance ?
    I do hope so.

  6. Pictures are starting to be taken as things take some sort of shape :) Plus today we found out our address - yippppppeeeee! Andrew is trying to organise a phone and internet connection as I write :)

    James - yes they are in fact rabbit slippers, hahaha xx

  7. Hope you get it all ship-shape soon! Thank heavens for Maggie!

  8. Congratulations- these things are never straight forward but that looks like a great house!

  9. Carrie girl !
    I'm sorry I haven't been by in ages .. so many things going on here in the last few months too.
    BUT nothing compared to the situation you have had to go through and are still going through girl ! You are amazing !!
    Your home looks LOVELY !!
    It is such a beautiful design even just the front and I can imagine it is so beautiful inside (when it is finished) you are going to be tucked up in one amazing nest of your own and it will be a secure happy place no matter what goes on afterwards : )
    Thank you so much for letting me know the new address too !
    Enjoy your oasis .. all of the "fixing" up will eventually be done and a happy secure routine will be in place : )

  10. Your home looks wonderful! And I love the paint color names! Looking forward to more photos!


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