Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Of mice and tradesmen

So since we moved out Mamma has been having lots of unwanted visitors in the form of mice - oh dear. The house is so quiet all the time without us and Maggie tootling about that she can hear everything, especially at night, it's not fun. We have caught 3 so far in very good humane traps but thank goodness Mamma is away of a wee holiday - she really can't stand them at all, though I they are stunningly beautiful.

All the tradesmen have finished in the new house and we have even got our great pal Bill (from the allotments) to tile our shower for us (he's a professional with his own 2 man business - himself and Johnny) and things, if I may say so myself, are really starting to look quite spiffing :) I very nearly have the living room done and the hall, just a little more painting and Andrew has the floors laid in both, what a champ! Photos will follow but I am here at Mamma's at the moment and haven't remembered the darned camera so I guess you will have to wait just a little longer ~ sorry :)

I can tell you that the living room is 'Regency Cream' and 'Dragon's Blood' and the hall is 'Deep Adam Green' so if you know anything about traditional chalky emulsion paints you'll have an idea - hahahaha.

We also went on a stunningly beautiful walk around the corner (which is technically the countryside as we are at the development limit) and had the most relaxing time. I took photos and will put them up later too. It's quite funny as I hope to show you the gardens and then take you on the walk so you can see why nothing has been done outside yet. So loads to show and tell but silly me and no photos.

We'll be up at the lottie at the weekend too which really needs urgent attention and I have a cool wee story for you about my cousin leaving a treasure map there for us to find our house warming gift - cute. Then of course there shall be the obligatory load of pics (probably in a mosaic form) of what's going on on the plots.

Until next time - hugs to you all x


  1. You sound on top of the world Carrie! Going good! We are looking forward to your pictures. Does Maggie like her new patch?

  2. Hi Carrie, Your post seems happy and upbeat, so that's great. I can't wait to see what you have both done to your lovely home. I hope you get rid of 'Mamma's' mice before she returns.
    M xxx

  3. It's good that see that you're beginning to settle in!
    Take care, Flighty xx

  4. Sounds like it is all coming together for you! Hope you manage to get on top of the mouse problem, I've been hunting mice in my house for 20 years! (shame I don't like cats!)

  5. Hi Carrie,
    Happy housewarming from Canada! I'm so happy to hear that after such a long wait you're FINALLY in your new house. Can't wait to see pics.
    xo Gina

  6. Don't paints have exotic names. Some I can see the relevance but others? Wonder if someone has to go through a long list to see if a name has been used before and then come up with something original. Never come across Muddy Waters or Drizzle Grey yet. You could even have Mouse Grey couldn't you? Mice are cure but preferrably out of doors somewhere where they don't nibble seeds or bulbs!

  7. Your new house looks great, and all freshly fitted out and decorated. I just look around ours and see a list of jobs! I hope you have many happy years there.

  8. Whoa! Step away for a couple of weeks and this is what happens! Moving, home renovations, the works! Gonna have to tune in next time for that mosaic. My nosey self will want to see what the new place looks like... :)


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