Friday, 3 September 2010

Dear sweet (not burny) readers

I am feeling a little better :) Boy it has taken a long time for me to come around this time and I have missed you all. Thank you for your comments on the plan - which has been improved (more about that in another post, I am a tease) and now even has a 'story' or is it 'journey', I can't remember but it was Alan Titchmarsh (the god that he is) said that every garden should have one or the other years ago and I liked it.

I was at my allotment tonight, gathering sweetcorn for dinner and taking photos as I haven't been in a while. Mamma G was actually there too today harvesting some of our runner beans for her vegetarian pal who is on driving duty tonight ;) It was beautiful there, a warm sunny day and hardly a soul about as it was dinner time. I love it when it's like that.

I'll put up a couple of photos - but first I must tell you exciting news.....tomorrow (Saturday) is the great onion competition evening. Fear not dear readers I shall have the camera battery fully charged and will try to capture all the action for your pleasure. There is also a BBQ but we have been invited to another BBQ - oh crikey, we don't get invites for any parties for ages then 2 come at once! Either way both venues are veggie plots so you won't mind, will you.

We had the best sweetcorn ever this year, remember those beautiful red tassels earlier in the season? Well, this time last year we were in glorious Brittany and missed the height of the season. We tried the usual 'F1 Swift' but it failed on us :( so this batch is the utterly yummy 'F1 Sundance' - so good, really I recommend this most heartily.

Before I go I must tell/show you the nasty incident with one of our gorgeous Cheyenne peppers. Andrew tasted it and said it was sweet, I nibbled it, yummy and sweet, pass back to Andrew and again, sweet, then ...I took a photo and then I was stupid enough to taste it one more time. Arrghgghghghh - seeds and burny burny heat on my tongue - thus ensued the pain dance and revenge... I hadn't any milk (quite obviously on a plot) or water so I tried a not do this, ever! A burnt tongue immediately followed by a rather acidic berry = even more aow time including involuntary jumping up and down - the shame.



  1. Poor Carrie - and no milk to hand! Yikes, my mouth cringes in sympathy. ;)

    I am so glad you are doing better. I was a little bit worried about you, and it's a relief to know you are so recovered that you're harvesting beautiful sweet corn. Yay!

    Looking forward to more photos and to the onion competition results. Crossing my fingers for yours to win. :)

  2. Can't wait to see the results of the onion competition! Hope you have a great time

  3. Chiilies - now you've set me off shivering! Ours is now a chilli free zone!!!

  4. Carrie, it's lovely to have you back. Big yay! :D

    Not so big yay for the pepper dance though. I had that happen to me once. Not pleasant! Snot was running from my nose for ages, and I was blind from the tears! Yeesh! :(

    Can't wait for your report on the big onion cage deathmatch thingy! Should be a blast!

  5. Beware the chilli bite! Hope you recovered quickly. Very jealous of your onion competition after my pathetic attempt this year. Good luck!


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