Monday, 6 September 2010

Bloomin' Monday plus Onions everywhere - update!

The mini monsoon that hit us here yesterday (ie. 30 hours of sheet rain and gales) has finally stopped. The silence is deafening and all I can see out my velux window onto the world is a white sky which blends well with the white ceiling in this attic. Oh it sounded rough all night and being in the attic was a little like a rain storm when you're camping - loud but re-enforces that feeling of 'thank goodness I'm not out there'.

I took this photo at the weekend, or maybe it was one night during last week, I can't remember but it isn't important - all these darling blooms will be strewn all over the plot by now :( Hey, at least I always have a camera with me and can capture the glory moments when they do come. Feast your eyes on this load of happy colour :)
oh go on have 2
Look BLUE sky!!
Oh and the onion comp. Well I didn't get to go. "Why not", you ask. "I was looking forward to all the pics and the gossip!". Yes, yes, so was I but before we went we decided to have a Chinese meal, of course Andrew ordered no onions in mine would appear they just cooked it all and then poked them out at the end = food poisoning for Carrie - hooray! I can't eat onions, how many times does this need to be said!

Saturday night was thus a horrid puke fest for me and I spent most of my time in the bathroom. The irony was not lost though, even through the sea of vomit - I couldn't go to the onion comp because an onion had tried to kill me!!
evil onion

Wow, it's not like we were going to win anyway, so why the conspiracy?? Who at the lotties has taken up a part-time Saturday job at the local Chinese. No one is owning up......

So sorry about that. I will try to catch all the gossip the next time I'm there at the plots and who knows maybe someone has photos I can use. Hugs xxx

UPDATE - Tuesday morning
Going from a cafe to the car this morning I was shocked to find a very random and shifty looking red onion in the car park, the next space to us! I'm starting to fear imminent mass attack and have gone into hiding... ;)


  1. What a shame - did you let the restaurant/take away know that you were ill. They ought to be told what they caused - what if you had had a fatal allery!!!

  2. Even when onions are hurting the teary eyes, i never knew they can hurt delicate tummy as well.... ~bangchik

  3. Irony indeed, with a little oniony thrown in for extra iron! Man, that sucks! And I was so looking forward to pics of the big onion deathcage fight and everything! :(

    Hope you're feeling better, Carrie.

  4. Oh, dear, I'm so sorry you missed it, Carrie. Believe it or not, I know *exactly* how you feel b/c of a green pepper allergy. And yes, people at restaurants do seem to think it's okay to pick them out after cooking, for some reason, and it can make me so sick I end up in the hospital.

    I hope you're feeling better by now, and that your stomach has recovered from its torture. I'm a little concerned about this red character in the parking lot... sounds fishy. Or perhaps I should say "oniony." ;)


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