Monday, 12 March 2018

The cat is out of the bag

The sun is out, by Zeus, the sun is out! 

I was just outside with Toby and we both just seemed instantly happier; *disclaimer - we were both asleep 30 mins ago and I awoke rather glum and still feeling defeated. BUT the back of the house gets the sun and all the song birds and it's almost like heaven out there. So here I am writing at the dining table (that never happens), surrounded by bits of vacuum cleaner and rubber gloves etc supposed to be doing housework - but stuff that!

I have no news from the weekend - it was a minefield of mental health disasters and I stepped on every one. BUT today I received a 'Buddy Box' in the post - Andrew keeps surprising me with them - and it was full of things so pertinent to what we are up to next month that I have decided to spill the beans.

We are walking The Hadrian's Wall Path, all 84 miles of it!

It's going to be a huge challenge and I am trepidatious at moment alright, but we are doing it, one step at a time. It's all been arranged for months now and as the days draw closer we are building up our walking, mid-week and hopefully every weekend from now on.

Andrew knows the route, every twist and bend, every pub to stop at along the way, the large Roman sites and even the emergency exits if I can't take it any more. He has even sorted out my wardrobe for me and has the days planned so there is plenty of time for resting and letting the old brain take it all in, and the double vision settle a little.

We are doing this for ourselves, it's our Summer holiday but I would also just like to put it out there that I would like very much to raise some money for The Blurt Foundation along the way. In time I will have a 'go fund me' page and if you have a spare quid (dollar, euro etc) it would be phenomenal if you could help me out. 

Blurt is not associated with any religion, government body or charity - it's just an awesome social media movement that aims to help everyone learn and understand about depression and other mental health issues in a friendly and empathetic way. It has helped us so much this past year and especially me. It empowers me to practice self care, to not be so damn ashamed all the time and to speak my truth.

Oh I have so much to share with you about the path, our plans, our kit etc. There will be a lot of beautiful hiking days to blog about before then though and I guess I need to focus on that first!

Love and hugs

P.S. We have our seed compost at the ready and shall be getting started soon - eeek!


  1. You used to do needle art? The snail brooch is delightful.
    I admire you for tackling Hadrian's Wall. It will be a wonderful achievement.

    1. Yes I did! Not as intricate as this though but yes, I loved it. My double vision has just made it too difficult these days (though I would love to get back into cross stitch).
      Thank you for your encouragement xx

  2. Good for you, I'm sure that you'll really enjoy yourselves and have a lovely time. Once you set up your go fund me page and set out on your walk I'll do a blog post and link to it. xx

    1. Oh, I hope so! One of our rules is that we must visit pubs that we pass, haha. You are so kind to offer a blog post and link. So much love xxxx

  3. Don't do what I did and fall down a ditch behind the wall - it was hidden in the shadow cast by the wall and down I went.

    1. Sue! Why, why would say such a thing? I'm scared as it is! Cheeky


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