Monday, 6 July 2015

Sunday allotment live!

My smartphone, like most I would suppose, has a feature were you can write yourself notes, reminders or indeed long pieces of prose. For today's blog I thought I would share a couple of hours on the aplotment (wow, I haven't called our plot that in years!) as it was happening...

3.00 pm
Thank goodness we're here I really thought it wouldn't happen today with all that rain. I've just got Maggie all set up on her running lead and am now admiring the cosy hideaway corner Andrew has been building. At the moment he's putting up netting around the trellis for more of a wind break. Time I got my weeding stuff together.

3.15 pm
I'm alone on the plots for a wee while whilst Andrew runs and gets his drill, some netting and hopefully some marigolds for me. I told him I could do this on my own but I'm struggling, someone else is in the field, I can hear them but not see them. Thing is, what if they come over for a chat - I'd die, dead on the wet grass, dead, that's how strong my anxiety levels are right now.

It's rained heavy most of the day and the ground is really squelchy. I can also hear the boats on the Lough as the Tall Ships leave Belfast. Oh and I just saw that wren Andrew's been harping on about - it's nesting in our compost heap.
Big deep breaths.

eminder on shed door - - an allotment blog

I really miss my music at these times. I need to get one of those wee mp3 players and wireless headphones...

3.40 pm
Andrew's back and instantly it rains. Maggie has gone bonkers, she hates the rain yet she will not stay in the shed and goes for a run around - who is this imposter dog?! ....We three are now locked in the shed, not exactly fearing for our lives but it is a downpour of quite epic proportions.
shelter in shed- - an allotment blog

Now we can but stare out at the plot and the things we so want to do. Andrew wasn't able to get netting for over the blueberries and gooseberries and it's just as well as there wouldn't be time to do anything with it. There are puddles forming all over and I only brought one glove in here with me, why, Carrie??

3.50 pm
Ventured out again. Oh goodness that other glove is sodden, gross.
glove on post to dry out- - an allotment blog

4.00 pm
Typical, it's gotten sunny again and the fleece is off; that's Northern Ireland for you. I've just hoed around the peas - our compost had a lot of seedlings in it - oops. It goes against everything I stand for, I get very weed by the root and turf it, but boy using a hoe instead, well, it was extremely satisfying and the area looks great in no time at all.

Andrew is planting the celeriac babies, they're really healthy looking and will love all this crazy apoplectic rain.
planting celeriac - - an allotment blog

4.20 pm
Andrew is just thinning out the kohl rabi and pak choi (which are being attacked by flea beetles). We need to move the netting from over the kale and calabrese to over them. One line of garlic must be lifted to facilitate this - eek!! our first harvest of the season :)
calabrese, pak choi and kale - - an allotment blog

first garlic lifted - - an allotment blog

4.45 pm
All paths are weed free (for now, boy that was 3 trug loads! Now to more glorious weeding and removal of dead leaves in the newly released brassica area :)

5.00 pm
I run around tidying up my stuff, taking some pictures and throwing in a few yoga moves. I'm desperately trying to find any more gooseberry sawfly too, darn things, I hate them! You can really tell I am nought but the undergardener here :) But awesome work have been achieved between us.

Parsnips, carrots and beetroot doing good - turnips have bolted; pink roses and poppies; the asparagus fronds are so pretty
Proud I came, glad I got over the panic attacks but...time to go home :)

Hugs and love


  1. What a fun fun post! Absolutely loved your description of that rain -- apoplectic! I could go for some of that. The lushness of your greens has me green with envy. Enjoy your week and monster dog ;-)

    1. There has been plenty more rain and more to come, that's summer living in Northern Ireland for you. Luckily, that weird dog demon left Maggie's body and she has returned to her 'normal' self. Haha xxx

  2. I hope the glove dried and didn't go hard!

    1. Hahahaa, how thoughtful of you Sue! I monitored the situation and got it just right at dry but pliable, thus it was in continued use :) x

  3. is - the only thing that matters - on your shed door?

  4. A good 'real-time' post, and lovely pictures. I like the word aplotment!
    Happy gardening. Flighty xx

    1. I give permission for everyone to use the word 'aplotment' henceforth :) I always called it that in my head. Thank you for your comments you lovely man, you xx

  5. Replies
    1. Grrr - I am Carrie, hear me roar!!!
      Plus - YOU go Kath! xx

  6. Loved this account of your day and congrats on dealing with the PA. We just got back from England and now, I have a very good understanding of how rain comes down in buckets, only to clear up to bright sunshine a short time later. Cheers to you:~)


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