Thursday, 19 March 2015

March at the Plots

Saturday saw a great change in my allotment activity; instead of merely writing about it as it seems I have been doing for a while now, I went and worked.  Maggie supervised as usual, she's a slave driver though you wouldn't know it from her cuteness :) (She has had her hair cut since this photo!)
maggie ~

The plot (24a) didn't know what had hit it, I can tell you.

24a ~
Whilst Andrew was working is redesign magic over in 14b I ripped, tugged and destroyed every blasted weed on the other plot.  It may not sound like much but in almost 2 hours the place was a spotless dream and my big pink trug was almost full (that's about a zillion weeds right there). I didn't even wear gloves, that's how hardcore it was!

Here are some sexy photos of our purple sprouting broccoli which seems really healthy this year :) Plus there are wonderful fat buds on our apple trees, blueberries and the garlic is well on it's way - happy times.

purple sprouting broccoli - 24a ~

happy buds and garlic bulbs- 24a ~

Pity the place was practically empty and still, STILL, the plots beside us are over grown wildernesses. (Though kindly a volunteer group strimmed them back). I could squeak with anger and occasionally do, at the thought of these people who just purchase a plot and do nothing with them. Gggrrr. There is a waiting list for genuine people who really want a plot!

Anyway, on Andrew's part he laid out then drew an amazing picture on top of a photo to illustrate the progress and planning for 14b. You can just tell he's a senior archaeologist and well trained in the art of capturing the scientific detail of places ;) 

Andrew's fab instagram/ drawing ~

OK so this may need a little interpretation, haha. The pink square denotes my 2 flower beds and the brown is the edible forest garden. All the yellow lines are box plants making up a four part parterre; the two on the left will be asparagus beds, then there's the rhubarb bed you can see and finally the back right bed is for squashes. Hurrah!! 

Now it's down to the planting of seeds...

Hugs and love


  1. You sound a lot happier. Maybe weeding is your therapy :-). The allotment looks lovely as does Maggie :-)

  2. Well done both of you, it's all looking so neat and organised. I had a good day at my plot of Wednesday, weeding, planting broad beans, more weeding of the asparagus bed and spreading manure over the asparagus. We've had similar problems with overgrown plots, but just recently three near me have been given to very hard working people who have completely cleared them, it's been wonderful to see, especially as they were so densely packed with couch grass you could hardly get a fork into the ground. Now two of them are completely weed free, one chap took out every single raspberry cane, unwound all the couch grass and bindweed roots, and put them back. So hopefully the same will eventually happen for you too. CJ xx

  3. Well done it's looks like you've done a grand job weeding.
    Happy gardening. Flighty xx

  4. There are quite a few plots on our site like your neighbours too. I did too much tugging on our plot and tweaked my back :(

  5. It sounds like a busy day for you both. I don't think some people realise what hard work it is to keep on top of an allotment plot and that's why so many fall by the wayside. As you say, so many people are wanting a plot, they should hand it over if they're not going to work it. Maggie is so cute.

  6. lovely to see your spring has sprung, in the nicest possible way!

  7. Carrie!!! It looks beautiful!! The broccoli is gorgeous! And the design is spot on for accessing all of your crops! Such a great job!! And how cute is Maggie up there taking stock!! Wishing more lovely days in the garden this week! Nicole xoxo

  8. It looks lovely!!! My broccoli plants are still seedlings! Yours look perfect. Happy gardening :)

  9. I've been away from my blog and my visits, but it's so nice to come here and see Spring Cleaning in going well.

    That is a shame about the people who get allotments and then, just abandon them. There is a need for Allotment Police -- they'd assess whether or not an allotment was being used for real plants or just weeds:~)


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