Wednesday, 4 February 2015

the 14b Plan :)

The wait is over! I can feel the tension, the excitement bursting forth as, yes, the plan for 14b has been drawn up and you dear reader are about to see it in all its colourful glory!

Ta dah!
awesome 14b plot plan ~

Of course the blasted weather here in Northern Ireland is keeping us out of action and we are a pair of annoyed and frustrated allotmenteers. Luckily we haven't turned to the demon drink but darn it its miserable and so cold a wee dram would be divine.

However, movement has happened in the form of shopping for plants:
1 We have just gotten better quality (but equally cheap) Sharp's Express seed potatoes.

2 We bought and planted two of the three main fruit trees for the awesome sounding edible forest garden; a Conference pear and a Regina cherry. I am holding out for a Damson as the third, fingers crossed

3 New green gooseberry bushes and redcurrants are looking lovely and healthy there just outside on the patio for now

Andrew was brave\foolish? enough to make a visit to the plots on Sunday. He got those two trees in to ground he had prepared the weekend before last, but apart from that all he could do was mulch, cover beds and come home almost completely frozen.

As for me personally, well I'm still very poorly after my breakdown but I a stubborn girl and will keep fighting (even if that means, paradoxically, forcing myself to do nothing). At least, and in a way thank goodness, the weather is bad as I couldn't go to the Lottie anyway! Instead I am reading a lot, watching movies and listening to Maggie snore.

Until next time my lovelies


  1. I bet those coloured pencils were all of a tremble.

  2. What a lovely plan. I need to draw up something similar. It's freezing here too, too frozen to do anything at the plot. I've been ordering a few seeds instead, some apricot chillies, totem and sakura tomatoes and gold rush courgettes. I'm ready! Look after yourself Carrie. CJ xx

  3. listening to Maggie snore, is definitely therapeutic!

  4. Looks good, and should be really colourful in the summer The weather has been the same here so all I've done is have a quick look round the plot a few times. Take care, and hugs. Flighty xx

  5. Love the plan and all it's detail! I bet your garden will be lovely in the summer. It's good that you're resting -- you're following nature's plan of rest in the winter and bloom in the springtime:~)

  6. An outstanding plan you have here lady!! Look at you all go!!! I wish we could jump out and do anything but we are still covered in deep deep snow!! Keep us posted on everything!!! I look forward to seeing it all this spring! Nicole xo

  7. Hello SWEETIE !
    I am sorry you also have had such a hard time, but you are doing the right thing by just resting up because once you let loose on that plot you will be a garden-maniac !!
    The plan is fantastic .. it will look awesome and continue to grow into an amazing garden machine pumping out all sorts of goodies and looking beautiful !
    We have been suffering with -24 mornings at times and more snow being dumped ...
    February seems to be our full on force WINTER.
    That was brave of your hard working man : ) good for Andrew !! .. Maggie ? well we all know girls snore too right ? LOL
    Take care of yourself Carrie girl ... keep in touch : )

  8. Planning used to be my favourite thing when I was little! Your plan looks great. I am sorry to hear that you were poorly. I tried to go off my anxiety meds, but did not make it really... I am also slightly unhappy about the weather, I would love to be able to stay out all day and plant and grow. I turned the bathroom shelves into little plant nursery, growing seedlings. It is early, but I could not wait :) Good luck with everything x

  9. I just wanted to let you know I fixed the problem with least I hope I did. For some reason WP decided to Spam you, but I definitely told WP to NEVER EVER Spam Carrie again! I was my most assertive self and let me tell you WP was terrified:~)

    Your comment about the world full of smiles was my favorite. It was a mini-story and I loved the ending. Thank you so much for sharing it:~)

  10. I'm just taking on my second half plot so my coloured pencils are coming out. Squeeeeeeee!


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