Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Reacquaintance with Field A

Boy it's been a really long time since I took a walk around the plots on our field, though as you know, it's also been a really long time since I have been on the field at all.

Well I went on Saturday and Sunday there and it was, for the most part, okay. I still felt extremely weak and tired from the flu but it was a joy to get back to our plot and see the changes. I will talk of 24a tomorrow and show pictures of our harvests etc but today I thought I'd ease us all back in with some photos of random scenes around Field A (A for awesome, hahaha)

Starting with the plot of shame, our shame, 14b....
'' ~ an allotment blog
Cosmos still going well, apples on the tiny 'family tree', a pumpkin 'Crown Prince', artichoke flower
 Walking over to the opposite side of the plots...
'' ~ an allotment blog
Seriously, if I rolled up in a ball I would be the same size as this pumpkin!; nasturtiums in the compost; amazing display of sweet peas; a pretty darn run down shed :(
 Way over at the opposite side, wow, it had been so long...
'' ~ an allotment blog
cameleon (not native); grapes on the vine; rather abandoned plot but still has beauty; hops :)

The return walk to 24b....
'' ~ an allotment blog

So I hope we all feel more acquainted with the place again and tomorrow I'll focus on our 24a, just don't talk to me about 14b for a while (a few months would be good).

Love and hugs


  1. Maggie looking gorgeous, as usual!

  2. Loved all the piccies.. i keep forgetting to pick my sweet peas and then get a dreadful show.. nasturtiums a fave of mine.. wish more came up each year from the previous lot.. HUGE pumpkin :-)


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