Monday, 13 January 2014

What a pile of horse ****

Poo! Of course that is what I meant ;)

Andrew is lucky enough to know a fabulous (almost never ending) supplier of horse manure via work and it's only up the road. So, as they didn't want all of the mountain of the poo they had, we got a big roasting hot, steaming pile of it delivered right to our plot on Saturday. Two happier allotment holders you never did see!

'Grow Our Own' allotment blog

Even with the flu ( and boy I am suffering big time this year to the point of having the posh hankies with balsam in them) I simply had to go and see it for myself. Is that wrong?? I'm not generally scatological but come on people! If you read this blog you are bound to know how utterly glorious good rotting manure is to a gardener. Now Andrew, well he is a bit more obsessed than I and excitedly exclaimed that I 'must stick my hand into the pile just to feel how hot it is'....maybe its because I'm a girl, maybe its because I'm sane, I don't know, but I passed on that one. I don't feel I've missed out.

'Grow Our Own' allotment blog

But I did find that I was a little too overcome with giddiness and pride, maybe that was the fever. No one else was around and the light was perfect so I am so glad I had grabbed my 'proper' camera on the rush out of the house = photo time :) Yes I am the sort that revels in taking pics of even the crappiest moments (literally in this case), so is the you follow me or him on Twitter? We had a chat about this pile of poo quite openly on Twitter before I got a chance to visit - exciting yeh? No shame, eh?
I'm am also extremely grateful for my Christmas pressie wellie socks which I wore. Such cosy tootsies and legs, and super sexy...obviously :)
Sassy Socks on Etsy (welly socks) - Grow Our Own
Seem my camera lens steamed up on return to the house - I only noticed this now as my glasses had steamed up too

I took some more photos of around the field which I'll share later..


  1. I'm so envious! Free manure is nirvana indeed to us allotmenteers.

  2. I'd have declined the hand in the pile offer too! Also I have some toastie socks with fluffy furry linings - heaven for freezing toes.

  3. CJ - sorry if my abundance of nirvana inducing poo makes you in any way jealous! xx

    Sue - cosy toes are so important!! Can't enthusise about my welly socks enough :)

  4. Hope you feel better soon. I had the flu back in November, couldn't have got through it without the balsam tissues. Be careful with the coughing though as I cracked a rib, still hurts when I sneeze.
    Lovely quality poo you got, I get some good stuff from one near me but I tried some from another stables & it was more straw than poo so I will go back to my usual place.

  5. Oh goodness Liz, this flu has been rough! But I must be thankful that unlike last year, I am not on my hols in Amsterdam. Wow, so sorry you cracked a rib!
    Quality poo isn't so easy to come by but I am so glad you have a supply ;) I find it feels sneaky and exciting, hehe xxxx

  6. ohh... I love that heroic photo of Andrew, one hand by the hip and another holding the shovel... triumphant!!!

  7. My father was a great gardener and really tough to buy presents for...he would always say "Oh, don't get me anything". So, one year out of sheer desperation we bought and had delivered a truck load of cow manure. You've never seen a happier man! He mentioned it for years to come and so cow manure became his regular present.


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